Sunday, January 23, 2011

Comment Problem -- Hopefully fixed

I am trying to get to the bottom of this problem of people not being able to comment on my blog. I went to blogger help and someone made a comment that he thought it was from using a 3rd party blogger template. I was using one so I changed my design today to use the templates, etc. from blogger only.

Another person suggested going to the edit HTML and choosing "Revert widget templates to default" so I changed that also.

Now I ask that my readers please comment and then email me to let me know if you still were not able to leave a comment. I hope this fixes the problem because I do love to read peoples comments. Most of the time, I actually learn from them.

What am I working on today?

Why a pink IPad cover for my future daughter-in-law, who loves pink.

Happy snipping, stitching and quilting.


  1. Ok, I'll comment. I bet Becca really loves that.

  2. Both of the ipad covers turned out really good! I like them!

  3. The ipad covers are so nice. I love the colors that were chosen for both of them.

  4. It just dumped my comment. I selected my profile, clicked preview, nothing happened, so I clicked Post comment and it took me to the blogger page. Trying again...

    Edited to add..............

    Okay, it took me to the blogger page again and I had to give my google password.

  5. I hadn't been having a problem sending you comments - or have they not been showing up on your end? Love the pink!!

  6. Hey Karen, I have been seeing your comments.


  7. Love the fabrics you are using; your daughter-in-law will love it.

  8. What a great IPad cover. I have my daughter's IPad right now so I should make her a cover while I have it! blessings, marlene

  9. Oh, I liked the other one but I LOVE this one! It's HOT!

  10. I made a couple for my granddaughter, one for her laptop and one for her notebook. she just loves them and they are so easy to make.
    Mine are very similar to yours too,



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