Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hooded Scarf Tutorial

You may remember that I made my mom and 3 sisters a fleece hooded scarf for Christmas.

I had a couple of people ask me how I made them so I thought I would do a mini tutorial.

Step One -- Cutting

Standing in front of a mirror, take a measuring tape and put it around your neck to measure how long you want your scarf.  I like mine to hang around mid thigh.

Cut a strip of fleece 10 inches by the length you feel you need. Mine is 74 inches long, but I am only 5' 2" so if you are tall you may want yours longer. (After mine was complete, I realized I would like it to be a little longer. This one was made for a short coat so it is about right. But, If I were wearing it with a longer coat, I would make it longer.)

Step Two -- Decorate

Add decorations to your scarf if desired.  I used machine embroidery but your could easily applique or your could leave it plain. Be sure to take into consideration that you will be fringing the bottom edges. My fringe is around 4 inches.

CJ sent me the link to Embroidery Library and that is where I got my designs. They are very inexpensive and stitch out beautifully.

Step Three -- Make the hood

Fold the strip of fabric in half and lay out flat. Now you will sew the hooded part. ( I stitched in blue so you could have a pattern to follow.) This is also trial and error.  I used 5/8 inch seams.  Then I tried it on to check the fitting. I did have to make some adjustments.

There may be a point at the back of the head. You will need to adjust it to fit your head. You will also need to check the back neck seam to see if it needs lengthened or shortened.After I was sure it was stitched like I wanted, I trimmed the seams.

Warning -- After I sewed mine I decided I should have stitched along the opposite edge. I am left handed and naturally sling the right side over my shoulder and the design ended up being on that side. So I have to be careful to remember to sling the left side over my shoulder instead so the design will show while wearing it.

Step Four -- Make the Fringe

Lay the scarf on a flat surface. I put mine on my largest cutting mat. Decide how wide you want the fringe to be and use your rotary cutter to cut through both layers at once. I cut mine about 3/4 of an inch wide.

 I do not know a lot about fleece but I have read that if you purchase the higher quality fleece, you do not have to hem the edges. I thought about doing a blanket stitch around it but decided I wanted to leave them plain.

And here's how it looks on.

Craig was my photographer. He told me after the first picture I should smile because it looked like a mug shot. Then, of course, I laughed. Oh, well.

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!


  1. isn't that cute! I love your embroidery on it too.

  2. you didn't say how wide you cut it?

  3. Looks cute on you with your Christmas jacket. Thanks for the instructions to a cute and quick gift!!!

  4. Your scarf looks great! It is a wonderful idea. Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. Thanks so much for sharing this project. I think that I am off to buy some fleece. I, too, have an embroidery machine, but I need some projects to use it on! This is perfect, and gives me enough time to make some in for NEXT Christmas.

  6. Oh wow that turned out wonderfully!

  7. I love this idea! I think I might even have enough fleece to make one...I'll be looking tomorrow. blessings, marlene

  8. The scarf is lovely. Thanks for sharing the tutorial. Can you tell me what type of stabilizer you used for the embroidery.

  9. I love hooded scarf, it is wonderful. Going to try that this evening!!!

  10. i don't understand how you get the hood in there is that an extra piece of fabric sewn in please? thank you..

  11. Thank you! I'm going to make these for my sisters for Christmas. They will love a scarf like this when the snow starts flying here in Wisconsin!

  12. I love your fleece hooded scarve! I also made fleece scarves for family members this year but did not do any embroidery or the hooded part. I want to try this since I have a embroidery feature on my sewing machine too...maybe next year :)

  13. Is the 74 inches part of the hood or is that extra? Is the width of the scarf 10 inches? I want to make a scarf without the hood, so I need to know exactly how long the scarf is.
    Thanks for sharing your tutorial. I have an embroidery business and get most of my patterns through Embroidery Library. Absolutely love those designs.
    Happy New Year!



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