Monday, January 10, 2011

Design Wall Monday & Snow Day

Tree Time is still on my Design Wall. I haven't been in the sewing room all year. I can't believe it. I have been hand quilting.

All area schools are closed today so I have another day off. Yea! Except that means making the day up some other time when I will really be wanting a break.

I am so proud of myself. Don't laugh Craig. I got an I-Phon back in July but have not downloaded any ring tones or songs. So this morning, in the stillness of the house, I ran across this page that gave me step by step instructions for making a ring tone in I-Tunes. I made the first one perfectly by myself but couldn't get the next one to work. Craig to the rescue. I was skipping a step.

So now I have a different ring tone for Larry and the kids (like I did with the old phone). And the school and the superintendent's office for snow day calls.

I was going to make me a waffle for breakfast but realized I gave Kelsey my pancake mix with the waffle maker I got her for Christmas. So I got out the sandwich maker instead. I made a peanut butter, chocolate chip, banana sandwich. Yummy.  (My kids are probably gagging.)

Now it's off to put up my Santa decorations and move around the Snowman and then hopefully to the sewing room.

Be sure to stop by Patchwork Times to see what others are creating.

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting.


  1. I realy like those little trees. They are so cute. They'll make a great Christmas themed wall hanging.

  2. Cute blocks. I have to say that making ring tones is fun. I have different ones for everyone now, LOL

  3. great blocks! Snow days are fun for the kids but yes the grown ups have to make up the time - well the kids do to but I guess they don't notice it as much.
    Have a relaxing day!

  4. Love your tree blocks...hope they become a quilt :)

  5. Love the trees. Enjoy the snow.

  6. Being a native of California, I've never experienced a Snow Day but I certainly can imagine the excitement of the 'gift' of a free day. Sounds as though you used it wisely!



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