Thursday, May 26, 2011

Can you believe it?

Storms have been exceptionally bad this year and they are getting rather scary.

I'm not sure how many evenings in a row this past week that storms bringing tornadoes have moved through the area. Everyone knows the devastating destruction in Joplin, MO caused by the F5 tornado that went through the area. Judy L. at Patchwork Times is raffling off a quilt (or two) and using the proceeds to help the victims of this storm.

Then on Monday evening strong winds went through the Scranton area (where I teach). Roofs were torn off of buildings, beautiful old trees were uprooted, and damage to several roofs in the area. But the power was knocked off that evening for almost the whole town. We arrived at school on Tuesday morning with no electricity. Each room has one large window so we decided to stay at school and work the best we could. The kitchen has gas stoves so we were able to still have a delicious meal.

Electricity still was not restored by the time we left school that day so administration decided to cancel school until the electricity was back on. So guess what. . .

Yep, no school yesterday.

Then Tuesday night, a tornados went through three other nearby cities. Massive destruction for two small towns and a third larger town. So more electricity was knocked out.

Finally Wednesday afternoon, around 4 or 5, the electricity was restored at school.

Can you believe it no school because of no electricity. Personally, I believe that if we made it without electricity one day we could have another. Yep, you got it, another day added on to the end of school. Now it will be next Friday before we get out. We used to get out the middle of May.

I was able to get some housework completed. Sheets washed on my bed and the guestroom bed. And then . . .

Can you believe it . . .

I actually made it into my sewing room. This is the quilt I sat down to work on.

I got it put together and have decided I want it larger. So now I am deciding on borders. Do you have any ideas?

  I actually need it wider on the sides but not on the top and bottome. So I am thinking about adding a 4 or 5 inch white border to each side. Maybe an inch or two at the top and bottom. And then a pieced border with 2 inch red and black blocks around the entire quilt followed by another 2-3 inch white around the entire quilt.

I left my laptop that has EQ and the quilt drawing on it at school so I couldn't play with borders yesterday. 

What do you think? Will that be too much?

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Have you seen . . .

some of the new Christmas lines. I got an email from the Fat Quarter Christmas Shop. So, of course, I had to take a peek.

This was one of my favorites . . .

Then I also saw . . .

I stopped before I looked any further.

Speaking of Christmas fabric -- Hope on over to visit with Karen at Quilts....etc. She is having a fabulous give away with two great patterns and some Christmas fabric squares. 

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Just popping in . . .

to say "Hi" to everyone.

The count down is on. We have 9 more days of school. The kids are ready. We are trying to plan fun learning activities. More outside time. But it wears you out.

I'm still on a reading kick and have been enjoying an hour or so out on the patio each evening.  The weather is cool. I sometimes even get to throw a quilt over my legs.

But, that is ending soon.  We have 5-7 days of rain in the forecast. Maybe the rainy weather will put me in the mood to get back to the sewing room.  If not, it will wait.

Ismael (Kelsey's boyfriend) graduated from high school last week. Congratulations, Ismael. We are proud of you.

I think he has already decided that high school wasn't so bad after all. lol

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Life's not too exciting right now -- That's a good thing!

I can't believe I have only posted one or two times in the past couple of weeks. I guess since I have not been sewing or quilting that I don't have anything interesting going on.

I have been relaxing and reading a lot after school. They kids are keeping us hopping this time of year. Today we teamed up with the other 3rd grade class and had paper airplane flying contests. It was a blast. Tiring for teachers of course. lol

The temps have been quite warm during the day but by the time I get home in the evenings (usually around 5) there is a cool breeze. So I just have to sit out under the back porch and read, read, read. Before I know it, it will be too hot and muggy to enjoy the outdoors.

I haven't really spent much time on the computer, so I am behind on reading blogs. I know they'll be a lazy, rainy day soon and I won't feel like doing anything but read blogs. Until later . . .

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Wishing you all a Happy Mother's Day

Well, I cannot complain about the weather. It is just the right temp and the sun is out. I celebrated it by sitting out under the back patio and reading for hours yesterday afternoon.

I visited the local library in the morning and picked up a handful of Christian fiction. The one I read yesterday was A Wedding Quilt for Ella by Jerry Eicher.

I knew the book was the first book in a series and was delighted to find out that the second book had come out in April. I was afraid it wouldn't be out for awhile. I looked on the internet and the book is checked out right ow so I'm going to call the library on Monday and ask them to put it on hold for me.

It's off to see my mom today for Mother's Day.

I hope all of you hear from your children and grandchildren today.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Still not a lot going on quilt-wise

The last month of school is year is very tiring--as is the first month. Our state tests are over and many students in our school act like school is over for the year. But I keep working mine--only trying to add in more outdoor activities and fun projects.

It is also the time for field trips, etc. This week was a wonderful week for students. Monday was a normal school day. Tuesday we had a program called body walk. The students went through an exhibit set up like their bodies and learned a great deal about their health.

Wednesday was an all day field trip for the 3rd graders to the Janet Huckabee Nature Center about an hour away from us. Our students were so well behaved on the bus that the driver couldn't believe it.

Thursday 12 of the 3rd grade students were chosen to attend a reading program at the local University. So I had the remaining (24) students all day. We basically played around a lot. Today we had a track and field day sponsored by a neighboring school. It was a blast. Our 3rd graders earned 21 ribbons and were so well behaved.

So needless to say, I have finally figured out why I have not been in the sewing mood. The last month of school wears a teacher out. But the look on the children's faces as they participate in these special activities is worth it.

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Letter to Kelsey


Good luck on your tests this week. I know you have studied hard all semester and you will persevere.

He will raise you up on eagles' wings,
bear you on the breath of dawn,
make you to shine like the sun,
and hold you in the palm of His hand.

Love you, Mom.

Some things just take a long time!

Back to sewing and working on the Double Wedding Ring Quilt.

Ironing is not my favorite task. It took me several hours to get the border fabric pressed and the quilt top pressed so I could lay it out and pin it together to machine applique.

Now, I'll need to crawl around on the floor to get it pinned well so it doesn't shift when I applique.  The quilt top is sitting on top of a solid piece of fabric. After I applique it down, I will cut out the extra fabric behind the top and then starch, starch, starch to get ready for the applique in the borders.

Lots to do but I think I have the fabric colors decided upon.

I am changing some of the bright green leaves (above) with more muted tones like the brown green in the bud in the left upper corner.  These fabrics will be used on the applique on the two sides that have the pink floral fabric like above.

Then I will change out all of the flower fabrics above to more yellow brown tones that will better match the fabric in this side of the quilt.

That is the plan. Of course, it is subject to change if I don't like the way it looks. 

I'm sure that is about as clear as mud. I probably won't show much more of this quilt as I work so that the finished quilt will be a surprise for Craig and Becca.  (No fair peaking in the sewing room.)

I'm not sure I told you all, but the big day is October 1, 2011. Craig has forgotten to remind me today that it is now only 5 months away.  It only seems like a couple of weeks ago that it was over a year away. Time flies, doesn't it.

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting.


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