Thursday, May 26, 2011

Can you believe it?

Storms have been exceptionally bad this year and they are getting rather scary.

I'm not sure how many evenings in a row this past week that storms bringing tornadoes have moved through the area. Everyone knows the devastating destruction in Joplin, MO caused by the F5 tornado that went through the area. Judy L. at Patchwork Times is raffling off a quilt (or two) and using the proceeds to help the victims of this storm.

Then on Monday evening strong winds went through the Scranton area (where I teach). Roofs were torn off of buildings, beautiful old trees were uprooted, and damage to several roofs in the area. But the power was knocked off that evening for almost the whole town. We arrived at school on Tuesday morning with no electricity. Each room has one large window so we decided to stay at school and work the best we could. The kitchen has gas stoves so we were able to still have a delicious meal.

Electricity still was not restored by the time we left school that day so administration decided to cancel school until the electricity was back on. So guess what. . .

Yep, no school yesterday.

Then Tuesday night, a tornados went through three other nearby cities. Massive destruction for two small towns and a third larger town. So more electricity was knocked out.

Finally Wednesday afternoon, around 4 or 5, the electricity was restored at school.

Can you believe it no school because of no electricity. Personally, I believe that if we made it without electricity one day we could have another. Yep, you got it, another day added on to the end of school. Now it will be next Friday before we get out. We used to get out the middle of May.

I was able to get some housework completed. Sheets washed on my bed and the guestroom bed. And then . . .

Can you believe it . . .

I actually made it into my sewing room. This is the quilt I sat down to work on.

I got it put together and have decided I want it larger. So now I am deciding on borders. Do you have any ideas?

  I actually need it wider on the sides but not on the top and bottome. So I am thinking about adding a 4 or 5 inch white border to each side. Maybe an inch or two at the top and bottom. And then a pieced border with 2 inch red and black blocks around the entire quilt followed by another 2-3 inch white around the entire quilt.

I left my laptop that has EQ and the quilt drawing on it at school so I couldn't play with borders yesterday. 

What do you think? Will that be too much?

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!


  1. without seeing more of the quilt I can't tell how to enlarge it other than just more of what the design already looks like with the nine patch blocks - I love the look of this quilt.
    Too bad they are adding another day to school - windows in the classrooms but what about the bathrooms and office space - windows in all? Glad you got through with no damage to you. Thought about you when I heard of tornadoes in your area.

  2. I like the looks of what you have there. It is gorgeous



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