Saturday, January 30, 2010

It Has a Home -- Star Quilt

The star quilt is finished. Binding and everything.

And . . . it has a home. 

My daughter asked me whose quilt this was and I told her it was homeless. She said she liked it. I told her I thought about giving it to her to keep in her car all of the time in case she was stranded, etc. 

Being a new quilter, I learn something new with each quilt I make. On this one I learned that high loft batting does not play well with a walking foot.  And . . . for some reason my outer border seems a little wonky. Maybe after I wash the quilt, it will behave.

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!

Star Quilt FInished? - Almost

While I slept last night my house elves came and added a couple of borders on my star quilt. Actually, I wanted it to be a little bit bigger. For some reason I am drawn to black in quilts. I think because it makes the colors "pop". 

The colors in this photo really turned out poorly. The outer border is a blue print and the wide border is black. I took this picture as I was sandwiching the quilt on my kitchen floor. My kitchen has red walls and I think that may be why the colors are not vivid. I didn't use a flash so I know the flash did not wash them out. 

I'll make sure I take the finished quilt picture outside or in my sewing room to get a better pictures. Now, I'm off to quilt it--after I eat some lunch. 

Ok, I figured out what was wrong with my camera. I went outside to take a picture of the ice storm we are getting and changed the setting to take a picture of the tree branches that were moving and forgot to change it back. 

Much better. The colors show now.

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!

Friday, January 29, 2010

"Orange Crush" Quilt Finished

When I was young growing up, I sewed all of my clothes (after about 8th grade) out of necessity. I continued to sew until I got married and realized I could buy clothing at Wal-mart and other dept. stores at almost the cost that I could make them. I dabbled in making a couple of quilts. Did not have a clue about quilting on the sewing machine and started quilting them by hand. I think I had three quilt tops that I made, started to quilt, and then got my mom to finish for me. I still to this day get bored with quilting by hand. I think the process is too slow for me. I sometime think I have adult ADHD. But I guess most quilters do. Hmmm . . . that is how we get so much accomplished. Right ladies?

I then had children, went back to school to get my teacher's degree and license, and stayed too busy to do much sewing for years. I did take time to do crafts. Hence all of the Christmas decorations I have.

In 2008, I had a breather in life. I had just finished school (master's degree) and had time on my hands. I discovered blogs and found some wonderful quilting sites. It was then that I came across Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville. I checked in just in time for her "Orange Crush Mystery Quilt". I decided to make the quilt with her. And, even though I had sewed for years, it was a challenge. I decided to make the quilt in black and white with the orange accents. I finished the quilt top on time and then put it aside knowing I didn't want to quilt it by hand.

I decided that I would tackle machine quilting on my domestic sewing machine but I wanted to start on a wall hanging--something smaller. The "orange crush quilt" was forgotten and remembered and forgotten and remembered for well over a year. 

I told myself before Christmas that I would finish that quilt before I did anything else in the new year. So I quilted it after the first of the year and then put it down again.

A few days ago I picked the "Orange Crush" quilt up and added the binding. So now this beautiful quilt is finished and has been presented to my husband. 

I also let him know how hard it was to give up this quilt. For some reason I'm drawn to it. I thinks it's the colors.

Thanks, Bonnie for this mystery quilt. Wonderful pattern--wonderful idea in adding a punch of the color orange.

Edited to add: I linked this to Talented Tuesday @ My Frugal Family. 

Snow Day and Works in Progress

I have three works in progress that I have decided to work on finish before I start on another quilt top. Two of them only need borders. The third one needs some tlc because I changed my mind. (I do not like making decisions and agonize over the smallest of things.)

That is the one I am going to work on first. This quilt is one I made with Judy L. at Patchwork Quilts. I think it was a quilt for an hour quilt. I believe a version of it will be in her upcoming book "Weekend Quilts".

When I put the blocks together I thought I wanted to make a wall hanging out of it. So I stitched 3 rows of 4 blocks together to make the wall hanging and then stitched the other blocks into two more rows to use for a table runner or something.

I had even put the quilt together and started quilting on one of the blocks. I use my regular sewing machine and did not like how my stitches were turning out. Got frustrated and set it aside for quite a while way too long.

 I picked it back up last night, ripped out the stitching, connected the two pieces together to put it back into a lap quilt.

 Added to the pieced border to make it fit. I was lucky that I still had enough of each fabric left to finish the borders.

I wish I would have used two fabrics that had more contrast for the background but I love the bright colors I picked and how the pieced border looks against the neutral background.

Just found out I have a snow day today so I think I'll make cookies and bread while I layer this quilt to get it ready for quilting. I use the kitchen floor as my tabletop. What will I do when I get too old for this?

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Snowflake Top is Finished

I have finished my "Snowflake" quilt top. I have decided to wait to pick out a backing and quilt it. I have a lot of the different pieces of blue snowflake material left so I think I will make some more quilts with this material to give to my son and daughter. I may also make one for a Christmas gift for next year. So I am going to wait to back this one until I see what material is left after I make the other quilts.

Of course, I will probably use the dark, sparkly border material for the binding.

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Design Wall Monday & Snowflake Quilt

After trying to get to the sewing room all day, I finally made it around 6 p.m. I sat down to see where I was and realized I needed a blue border and another white border before I added my pieced border. Then I would need to add another white border. I looked at my white material and realized I didn't have enough for even one border. I don't normally go out late at night (after dark) unless I just have to. So my design wall consist of my pieced border just waiting for some attention. 

Hopefully I'll remember to stop by for some material on my way home from work tomorrow. 

Be sure to hop over to Judy's to see what is on everyone else's walls.

Until later . . . 

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Help! I Can't Seem to Get to the Sewing Room

Do you ever have those days when you can't seem to be where you want to be. I decided I wasn't going to the sewing room until I had the living room, dining room, and kitchen clean. I mean really clean. So far the living room is really clean, the dining room is on the way, but the kitchen well . . .

This was actually the biggest job. We used our fireplace during those cold, cold days (that I hope are gone) and there were ashes and wood tidbits all over the place. You know those little pieces that not matter how much you dust just kind of get moved around. So I had to take a damp cloth and wipe everything down. Oops! Look at that mirror. I think I missed it.

Actually, if I would just get busy I could probably have the kitchen clean in 30 minutes, including the floor. So here goes. Hopefully, I'll be back later with a peak at my snowflake quilt. If not, you may see it on my design wall for Design Wall Monday. 

Well, all is quiet here. Larry is at work and both of my kids are at work. Kelsey will go back to her apartment straight from work and Craig won't be home until almost midnight. Empty nest syndrome. Sometimes it just gets to you.

Until next time . . . 

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Snowflake Quilt Update

I have completed my Snowflake quilt blocks and they are all sewn together into a stunning quilt top. One of the five borders on the quilt will be a pieced border. I spent this evening piecing that border. It is completed but not pressed and sewn on. That will be my task for tomorrow night.

Sorry for the blurry photo. I took four more after this one and when I plugged my card into the computer they were not there. Spooky.

Woohoo tomorrow is Friday! My goal is to get all five borders sewn on tomorrow night.

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!

Cut off from the World?

Have you ever felt cut off from the world? I did last night.  I knew we depended on our cell phones, but reality hit last night. A year or so ago, we got rid of our land line to save money. We have 4 cell phones in our family so we wanted to cut some costs. It has really worked out well and we very seldom miss it. Until last night, that it.

I left school (20 miles for our home) and went to walk my two miles. After I walked a lap, I realized my phone was not in my pocket. So I stopped by my vehicle to get it. I always try to be available in case one of my kids need me. (I know their grown, but you understand.) It was then I realized I didn't pick my phone up off of my desk at work. No, I didn't want to waste 45 minutes making a trip to pick it up and then return home.

I had to stop at the bank so I called my my husband to let him know I did not have my phone and asked him to call or text my son and daughter to let them know. I told him I would check my email in case anyone wanted to check in. (I know it's the old fashioned way to correspond. lol). So I was able to talk to my daughter that way. She lives about 40 minutes away and we still text every night to say "Hi and again to say Good Night"). My son still lives at home so I knew he would be home after work. 

That is why I felt cut off from the world. But, just look what I accomplished by not making that trip back to get my phone.

I am now ready to start on my borders. I have 4 more borders to add to this quilt. I know I can get the first one finished tonight (If I don't make that dreaded mistake again.) 

The border after that is a pieced border and I don't have the pieces cut out so it may not get completed tonight. 

Can't wait to give you an update on those borders.

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Where did the day go?

I made that dreaded mistake. Actually, I must make a confession. I have made that mistake too many times over the past year. I know you're on the edge of your seat wondering what mistake I made.

Well , , , 

I started out great. I went walking after work. It seems funny to call it work. It's school. Even though I'm not the student. Anyway, I walked two miles in record breaking time (for me that is). It only took me a little over 30 minutes. Not bad considering I am only 5'3" tall and have very short legs. Anyway, the walking made me feel good and I had energy to burn. 

Until . . . 

I sat down and at a wonderful supper my husband cooked. I cleaned the kitchen and started the dishwasher.

Then . . . 

came the BIG mistake. I sat down. Now, many of you know that when you sit down after working hard all day, you just don't want to get up. Well, that's me. Sitting here on this stinking computer that keeps calling me instead of working on my Snowflake quilt. But, I am catching up on my teacher's forum and reading all of your great blogs. Hmmm. That must be my conscious talking.

As Scarlet said, "Tomorrow is another day."

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!

Hopefully I'll join you all tomorrow evening. That is if I don't make the mistake of sitting down.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I kind of fizzled out!!!

I had such a great start on Saturday for Judy L's quiltathon. Then I got up this morning and did get the white sashing between part of the blocks on my "Snowflake" quilt.  But then after I sewed the second long strip, the rows did not match up as well as I wanted. So I ripped it apart and will try again later using pins. (Hmmm, will that help?)

I used that as a sign to go work in my sewing room studio.  (I was taking pictures, later in the day, I noticed that I had sewn the top row of sashing on inside out. I guess it really was time to take a break.)

Back to my sewing studio. The Christmas decorations are usually stored in a closet in that room.  We decided to put the decorations in a different closet (or two) so I could clear out some of the stuff that is being stored in my studio. We took the bench seats and dining table out of our 5th wheel and were storing those here, so we put them in the closet. A few other things too, but not enough.

After working in there a couple of hours I decided to come back upstairs and see what progress everyone else was making on their quiltathon projects. Wow, it is already after 3:30.

Now, I am going to take advantage of the sunshine and go walk in the town park. I wonder if I can make it the two miles I was walking daily during the summer? I doubt it. I think it took about 3 months for me to lose all of the conditioning gained working out for 2 years.

Maybe I'll feel like tackling that sashing after I get back. 

Until later . . .

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!

Oh . . . and don't forget to visit Judy L's blog to see what everyone else is doing today.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Quiltathon -- Check In

Just checking in before I go fix something for supper. I have decided my back needs a break any way so I think I'll whip something up instead of eating a sandwich.

Here is what my "Snowflake" quilt looks like right now. After I eat, I'll add white strips and then start working on the borders. 

Until later . . .

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!

Quiltathon Lunch Break

I'm kind of like Judy only I am working and not getting as far as I thought I would. Oh well. It's still fun and relaxing.

Here are the strips I cut. Aren't they icy feeling?

Some 2.5 inch squares are calling to me as I sit here blogging instead of quilting.

Just a short update. I hope to have a lot more accomplished when I break for supper. 

Until then . . . 

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting.

Good Morning--the Quiltathon has begun.

Thanks Judy L. for calling all of us quilters together. I can't wait till this evening to sit down with a cup of hot cocoa and see what everyone has accomplished throughout the day. 

I planned to cut out my quilt last night but that didn't happen. See this post

But, now I have had my coffee and am ready to go. Here is my cutting table setup.

Here is the material I am using for my "Snowflake Quilt".

And here is the "Orange Crush Quilt", the mystery quilt by Bonnie Hunter, that needs binding. My husband has claimed this quilt and I bet he is wishing I would get to work.

I'll be back later to show you what I have accomplished throughout the day. 

To all of you participating . . .

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Snowlfake Quilt for Quiltathon

I have a fondness for snowmen and snowflake fabric. After Christmas, I found several pieces on clearance that I am using to make a quilt. I have been mulling over what pattern to use, thought about designing one in EQ6, and then came across the Sweet Menegerie Nine Patch Quilt by Moda. I chose this pattern because it is simple and I knew I could easily use only blue and white and have a stunning quilt.

I am getting an early start on the quiltathon by doing the cutting this evening. Maybe if I am real ambitious and stay up into the night, I will start piecing.

What do you do while you piece? Do you listen to music? Do you watch movies? I really like to put on "chick flicks" and watch them or the Hallmark Channel while I am piecing. My family can't understand how I can do two things at once. But now my son does this too. I think we both must be ADHD. It is very hard for me to sit down and watch TV without reading, sewing, quilting, or blogging at the same time.

Anyway, here is the beautiful snowflake fabrics I am using. I can't wait to see how the rich blue material on the right blends and/or stands out with the others. I hope I have enough of it to use for the backing. If not all of the backing, at least part of it.

Can't wait to see what everyone is creating this weekend.

Until tomorrow  . . .

Happy snipping, stitching,  and quilting.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Blog Site

Hello quilting friends. 

I am so excited. I finally worked up the courage to begin a blog after mulling over it for over a year.  The purpose of the blog was going to be to share my love of quiling, sewing, and crafting with others. 

As I started blogging I came across a menagerie of blogs sharing tablescapes, outdoor pictures, color posts, spiritual posts, to name a few, and I was hooked. That blog took on more of a home and decorating blog. 

Sidenote:  I was looking up the menagerie to make sure I was spelling it correctly and using it correctly, this is what I found. 


/məˈnædʒəri, -ˈnæʒ-/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [muh-naj-uh-ree, -nazh-]  
a collection of wild or unusual animals, esp. for exhibition.
a place where they are kept or exhibited.
an unusual and varied group of people.

For a moment I was worried because I thought it was not the word I was meaning to use. But then I saw the third definition and thought that fits all of us bloggers to a tee.

So, I decided to create a separate blog to gather with my quilting, sewing, and crafting friends. "Sew at Home on Pine Ridge" is the result. 

The name was a brilliant brainstorm by my husband, Larry. He said the first thing that came to mind was "Sew at Home". I elaborated and came up with "Sew at Home on Pine Ridge" as a spinoff of my original blog At Home on Pine Ridge.

So I am posting my first post as a preview before participating in Judy Laquidara's first Quiltathon of the year.  Last year I participated in a few of them and was envious a little jealous of those who had blogs and were able to show their creations. 

The first Quiltathon is scheduled for this weekend. I can't wait to get started. My house will be totally quiet as I will be home alone on Friday evening . . . so I think maybe I'll start early.

See you this weekend. Until then . . .

Happy clipping, snipping, and quilting.


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