Saturday, January 30, 2010

It Has a Home -- Star Quilt

The star quilt is finished. Binding and everything.

And . . . it has a home. 

My daughter asked me whose quilt this was and I told her it was homeless. She said she liked it. I told her I thought about giving it to her to keep in her car all of the time in case she was stranded, etc. 

Being a new quilter, I learn something new with each quilt I make. On this one I learned that high loft batting does not play well with a walking foot.  And . . . for some reason my outer border seems a little wonky. Maybe after I wash the quilt, it will behave.

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!


  1. I admire anyone who quilts! Guess I didn't pick up that gene from my gramma..
    You're so talented and what a lucky daughter to get this one (O:
    Stay warm while you quilt..

  2. When I look at the quilt it looks great. The wife of Mr Paramedic has a tendency toward perfectionism.

  3. I LOVE your black and yellow quilt. I have to mention in the same breath, but your "bear" quilt on the wall has a mistake in the upper left hand corner--triangle on backward. No quilts, like humans, are perfect so don't even think of unsewing it.


  4. Good Evening, I am an Army Medic and just recently graduated from Paramedic school. I'm looking for someone to design a quilt that I can take with me on my upcoming deployment, and would like it to reflect EMS/Medical care field. If you can assist me with this or know someone who can, I'd grately appreciate it.




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