Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow Day and Works in Progress

I have three works in progress that I have decided to work on finish before I start on another quilt top. Two of them only need borders. The third one needs some tlc because I changed my mind. (I do not like making decisions and agonize over the smallest of things.)

That is the one I am going to work on first. This quilt is one I made with Judy L. at Patchwork Quilts. I think it was a quilt for an hour quilt. I believe a version of it will be in her upcoming book "Weekend Quilts".

When I put the blocks together I thought I wanted to make a wall hanging out of it. So I stitched 3 rows of 4 blocks together to make the wall hanging and then stitched the other blocks into two more rows to use for a table runner or something.

I had even put the quilt together and started quilting on one of the blocks. I use my regular sewing machine and did not like how my stitches were turning out. Got frustrated and set it aside for quite a while way too long.

 I picked it back up last night, ripped out the stitching, connected the two pieces together to put it back into a lap quilt.

 Added to the pieced border to make it fit. I was lucky that I still had enough of each fabric left to finish the borders.

I wish I would have used two fabrics that had more contrast for the background but I love the bright colors I picked and how the pieced border looks against the neutral background.

Just found out I have a snow day today so I think I'll make cookies and bread while I layer this quilt to get it ready for quilting. I use the kitchen floor as my tabletop. What will I do when I get too old for this?

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!

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