Friday, January 29, 2010

"Orange Crush" Quilt Finished

When I was young growing up, I sewed all of my clothes (after about 8th grade) out of necessity. I continued to sew until I got married and realized I could buy clothing at Wal-mart and other dept. stores at almost the cost that I could make them. I dabbled in making a couple of quilts. Did not have a clue about quilting on the sewing machine and started quilting them by hand. I think I had three quilt tops that I made, started to quilt, and then got my mom to finish for me. I still to this day get bored with quilting by hand. I think the process is too slow for me. I sometime think I have adult ADHD. But I guess most quilters do. Hmmm . . . that is how we get so much accomplished. Right ladies?

I then had children, went back to school to get my teacher's degree and license, and stayed too busy to do much sewing for years. I did take time to do crafts. Hence all of the Christmas decorations I have.

In 2008, I had a breather in life. I had just finished school (master's degree) and had time on my hands. I discovered blogs and found some wonderful quilting sites. It was then that I came across Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville. I checked in just in time for her "Orange Crush Mystery Quilt". I decided to make the quilt with her. And, even though I had sewed for years, it was a challenge. I decided to make the quilt in black and white with the orange accents. I finished the quilt top on time and then put it aside knowing I didn't want to quilt it by hand.

I decided that I would tackle machine quilting on my domestic sewing machine but I wanted to start on a wall hanging--something smaller. The "orange crush quilt" was forgotten and remembered and forgotten and remembered for well over a year. 

I told myself before Christmas that I would finish that quilt before I did anything else in the new year. So I quilted it after the first of the year and then put it down again.

A few days ago I picked the "Orange Crush" quilt up and added the binding. So now this beautiful quilt is finished and has been presented to my husband. 

I also let him know how hard it was to give up this quilt. For some reason I'm drawn to it. I thinks it's the colors.

Thanks, Bonnie for this mystery quilt. Wonderful pattern--wonderful idea in adding a punch of the color orange.

Edited to add: I linked this to Talented Tuesday @ My Frugal Family. 


  1. Wow! It is such a pretty color combination. Quilts are always a special gift,full of stories and love...Thanks for sharing, Joan @Americana By Candlelight

  2. OMG, this quilt is gorgeous! I don't have the skill yet to do much outside of a standard patchwork quilt. Or, maybe it's that I don't have the patience?

    Thanks for posting this to Talented Tuesdays with My Frugal Family!

  3. This is so beautiful! Great Job!!!

  4. It's gorgeous! I am always in awe of peoples quilting talents. I am too adhd to sew anything. WE have some beautiful quilts posted a couple of weeks ago on our blog (they are my mother in laws, and there are 2 different posts in different weeks about them).



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