Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cut off from the World?

Have you ever felt cut off from the world? I did last night.  I knew we depended on our cell phones, but reality hit last night. A year or so ago, we got rid of our land line to save money. We have 4 cell phones in our family so we wanted to cut some costs. It has really worked out well and we very seldom miss it. Until last night, that it.

I left school (20 miles for our home) and went to walk my two miles. After I walked a lap, I realized my phone was not in my pocket. So I stopped by my vehicle to get it. I always try to be available in case one of my kids need me. (I know their grown, but you understand.) It was then I realized I didn't pick my phone up off of my desk at work. No, I didn't want to waste 45 minutes making a trip to pick it up and then return home.

I had to stop at the bank so I called my my husband to let him know I did not have my phone and asked him to call or text my son and daughter to let them know. I told him I would check my email in case anyone wanted to check in. (I know it's the old fashioned way to correspond. lol). So I was able to talk to my daughter that way. She lives about 40 minutes away and we still text every night to say "Hi and again to say Good Night"). My son still lives at home so I knew he would be home after work. 

That is why I felt cut off from the world. But, just look what I accomplished by not making that trip back to get my phone.

I am now ready to start on my borders. I have 4 more borders to add to this quilt. I know I can get the first one finished tonight (If I don't make that dreaded mistake again.) 

The border after that is a pieced border and I don't have the pieces cut out so it may not get completed tonight. 

Can't wait to give you an update on those borders.

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!


  1. Have you got my quilt done yet?

  2. January is a month that needs a snow quilt. I've been pndering making one for.....about 5 years now.



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