Saturday, July 31, 2010

Remember this top.

It's been in the making for over two years. The pattern is Bonnie Hunter's Ohio Stars and Rails. I started piecing the blocks in June of 2008. I put them away because I wanted a king or queen sized top and didn't know if I wanted to make more blocks or just add lots of borders. Then I realized I had extra star blocks and not enough rail blocks. So I made more rail blocks and then had too many of them. That gave me the idea of adding an extra border all the way around using the rail blocks. I finished piecing it in April or May. Then I set it aside again. I laid it out one day last week and put on my to do list.

Guess what I'm working on today?

Yep, the stars and rails quilt. I used straight line quilting on the diagonal. Now, it looks like I have quilted big squares. I have decided the quilting is still a little bit too far apart so I am probably going to quilt diagonally through the squares.

Remember back before we went on the cruise and I had an allergic reaction to the aloe vera lotion I used. I thought it was probably the lidocaine in it. Well, that is what they gave me to numb my throat and nose. And . . .

You've got it! My rash is back. Maybe hives. Now, I guess I know for sure I am probably allergic to lidocaine. So, now I'm glad the clinic doctor gave me extra refills even though I never thought I would use them. It's back to the pharmacy tomorrow to get refills. I'm taking benadryl tonight. Maybe I'll get lucky and that will do the trick.

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Unexpected Stay in Little Rock

Well, I've spent part of the last two days here. This place is huge--to a small town girl.

I had a scheduled appointment for breathing problems (that started 10 years ago) that just keep getting worse. We've checked for asthma, sinus problems, and allergies and while I do have sinus problems and allergies I still did not think that was the root of my problems. I went to my local primary care physician in May and told him that I've had enough and want to get to the bottom of this. So he referred my to the UA Med Center in Little Rock. (The top hospital in Arkansas.) I called in May and was not able to get in until July 29.

I went in Thursday morning and had Pulmonary Function Test (breathing test). Then I went to meet the specialist at 1 p.m. He was at a loss and decided we needed to do a Bronchoscopy (which is what my primary care physician also suggested to me). Well, surprisingly he said he could do it Friday morning or we would have to wait over two weeks.

So we stayed in Little Rock overnight and I had the Bronchoscopy test today. They run a light scope through the nose and down the trachea and look at everything for obstructions. The plan was to check and if anything was found that was immediately easily fixable would be fixed and/or if they found something that needed biopsied they would do that at the same time. I was not put under but was numbed and heavily sedated.

They did find some obstruction and actually showed it to me. All I remember is them telling me to look. They did not do a biopsy so I do not believe it is anything bad. It looks to be a build up of scar tissue. The reason they did not do anything today is that it is close to my voice box so the surgeon is going to study the pictures and consult with the ear, nose, and throat doctors there at UAMS. They will then decide who will do the surgery. They are going to call me in a couple of days to schedule surgery in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully before school starts.

I was very impressed with the doctor and the nurses who cared for me. Very professional but with a sense of humor. 

I am just so thrilled they found something and it can be fixed and I will be able to breath again without problems. I hope I will even be able to jog for a mile. That is my goal.

The nurses said I had to rest today -- no heavy lifting, no driving. So . . . Larry said I couldn't drive my sewing machine either.  Boy, sitting around makes you tired.

I plan to spend most of the weekend in the sewing room though. A nice break before going back to school on Monday.

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Slow Progress

Well, I have finally made some progress.

I text Larry today and said, "Alleluia, I have just finished my last science and social studies units." Rough drafts that will need adjusted as I teach, but that will be pretty simple as the year goes by. What a relief. Now, I can forget about school stuff until next Monday. Nope--workshop on Friday.

I finished my 7th "Tree" block so I am all caught up.

I have both of my chair covers made. The second one is royal blue. I took a picture but it looks like a slate blue. Not sure what happened to the color in the picture so I didn't post it. Too late at night to even think about going to take another picture.

I also finished the "Kollyn" quilt. I added a little more quilting since I took this picture.

Now, I have three baby quilts to deliver. I haven't seen the oldest since March so I know he's grown. I haven't been introduced to the other two, yet. So, I think Larry and I will just call the parents and schedule a short visit at each house so we can get our "baby fix".

Larry spray painted the rocking chair white so I'll need to post a picture of it. Doctor's appointment in Little Rock tomorrow. That trip will take up the whole day. Workshop on Friday at school. Busy, busy, busy.

Goals for this weekend are to add some quilting to a Christmas quilt I made last fall.  Sandwich my "Ohio Stars and Rail Quilt" and start quilting it. Oh, I still have to piece a backing for it.

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Counting the Days

And not in a good way. I just realized I have today, Saturday, and Sunday free before school starts and that's it.

Usually by this time my room is almost ready and I am doing all I can to take the week before school off. Not this year. The doors are chained (doing floors) so we,  overzealous teachers, cannot get in and mess up their work. It is not supposed to be re-opened until next Monday. That gives all of us Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to get our rooms ready before in-service begins on Thursday of next week. And, I have a mentoring workshop (I will be mentoring a new teacher this year) on Wednesday. So, I have Monday and Tuesday to get my room ready. I guess I had better start planning the layout on paper.

Where did the summer go?

I did get down to my sewing room (Notice it was supposed to be a quilting studio by now but it's not clean and organized and I am telling myself I cannot call it a studio until it is organized.) yesterday afternoon and finished two more of the "Christmas Tree BOM" from Molly's Place.

I only have one more block to go to be caught up and it is halfway completed. The trunk is sewn on and I only have to add leaves. I am telling you this in order to make myself go down and finish it sometime today.

I'm not sure if Molly is going to give us ideas for finishing the quilt. So, I am trying to come up with some ideas of my own. The blocks will be 9 1/2 inches and I want to do something pieced. My beds are all queen size so I want it large.

I thought about 2 or 3 inch squares of Christmas fabric for the sashing but am not sure how it would look. I have too much Christmas fabrics in fun Novelty fabrics (all colors) that I need to use.

If anyone have any ideas for the sashing and the borders, I'd love to hear them.

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Design Wall Monday

Late last night, my daughter came in to my sewing room.

"Hi Mom. What are you working on?"

"Well, I've started something new," I said sheepishly.

A slight grin, and eye roll. And she was gone.

I know, I know. I didn't (don't) need to start anything new until I finish the 5 or 6 things I already have started. But, I just couldn't help it.

See, aren't these blocks adorable. Check it out--the background fabric has little snowflakes on it.

You see, as the year goes on, I bookmark web pages and put then in a folder called "Christmas Projects". For some reason, late yesterday afternoon, I started browsing through this file. (Not a good idea when I'm wanting to complete projects already started.)

And, I came upon this website.  Molly's Place   I remember bookmarking the page when Molly first announced the block of the month and then I forgot all about it. She is currently designing block 8 so I was only 7 blocks behind. But, these are so cute and fast and fun that I sat down and completed 4 of them last night. (The buttons aren't sewn on yet.) Molly is doing all of her embroidery by hand but I am using the machine. That is what is making it go quickly for me.

I'm not sure what she has in mind for putting the blocks together but my mind is spinning and thinking ahead. What would you do?

Stop by Judy L's blog "Patchwork Times" to see what other quilty friends are working on. Who knows, you might get an idea or two of if you're like me a dozen.

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Friday Night Sew In Update

Yesterday, I told you that I was ready to sit down and sew. I was home alone and had no one to interrupt me except myself. Wrong.

I had just sat down to begin working and my phone rang. It was Kelsey. I knew something was up because she was using her boyfriend's phone. Well, she (with help from her boyfriend) locked her keys in her car. At least she was at her home. I had to go find the extra key we keep and drive about an hour (really only 4 or 5 miles) to take her the key.  I teased her that I had just blogged that there was no one around to interrupt me. She thought that was funny.

I had planned to piece the back for my boy baby quilt (I really do need to finish it this next week). But, I didn't have enough of the fabric I wanted to use even when piecing two or three colors. So, I am going to get something else to use. That will be on hold for a couple of days.

The next project I needed to work on was the recovering of the cushions for the rocker I purchased for my classroom. Here is what it looked like. "Isn't It Lovely?" This is one of those purchases where Craig looked at me and said "WHY". (I only paid $30 for it, which according to Craig was $30 too much.

Here it is now. Nice and cheery, just what a 3rd grade classroom needs. Wouldn't you have loved to be able to sit down and read in this rocking chair when you were in elem school?

I have been trying to decide whether to sand it a little and add a few coats of varnish or to paint it white. I think I have definitely decided to paint it white. I already have a white chair in my classroom. The seat is currently covered in ocean animal print (which was my theme last year). So,  I am going to recover it with this same plaid fabric.

My second project was making a slip cover for this mushroom chair.

I actually had two of them given to me to use in the classroom. They both are stained and have small holes in them. I do not have enough plaid fabric to cover both of them, so one will be plaid and one will be royal blue.

I actually used two layers of fabric to make it stronger. I now need to make a casing and insert some kind of string. I'll just have to pull it tight and then loosen it and remove the covers when they need washed. A little bit wrinkly but should look right when I get it gathered and tied.

Hopefully, I'll finish these two little projects tomorrow or Sunday and then get back in "quilting mode". It's about time to start thinking about Christmas (quilt) gifts.

Hop on over to Hand Made by Heide to see what everyone else accomplished on our Friday Night Sew In.

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Night Sew In

Well, it's 6:15 and I am just heading down to the sewing room to get started. Hope to have a lot to show tomorrow. I'm home alone so I won't have any interruptions (except my own), and sometimes that's a lot.

I have a few things planned. We'll see how far I get.

Gotta go . . . .

Happy snipping, stitching and quilting!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Friday Night Sew In

 I have decided to participate in the Friday Night Sew In. I need something to get me going. I know when I participated in Judy L's weekend quilt-a-thons I got a lot accomplished. If you are interested and want to sew along with us go to Handmade by Heide for more information.

Now, I am going to sit down and plan ahead what I want to work on that night.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

What Would You Do?

As I was going through some things today I pulled out a small quilt my 3rd graders made during my 2nd year of teaching.

I cut out squares and half square triangles from red, white, and blue fabric. I instructed each of the students to lay out the squares and triangles to make a larger 9 inch square. Then each student took a turn sewing their blocks together using my daughters small sewing machine.  The teacher's aide for the school then stitched the blocks together. I sandwiched it and took my portable quilting frame to school and taught the students to hand quilt. I kept the quilt at school on my bench seat for 5 or 6 years. I took it home to wash a couple of times a year.

Oh my! As I look back I must laugh because most of the stitches are huge. It has been washed a number of times and part of the stitches have come out. Right now it needs washed badly.

So I am thinking of contacting a couple of the girls from the class (they graduated from high school this year) to see if one of them might want it. If not, I'll keep it. The question is  . . .

Would you just tie the loose ends and wash it? Or would you go ahead and machine stitch in the ditch after tying the loose ends. I'm afraid if I don't machine quilt it, all of the quilting will fall out.

I wonder if any of the students even remember making this. 

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting.

Friday, July 16, 2010


Well, I tried the blue Chaco Liner Pen on a scrap piece of fabric and it washed right out.

Then after I used it on the quilt, quilted, and then washed the quilt, some of the blue is still there. I really think it stained or dyed my white quilting thread blue. It's not too bad but I can tell it's there.

I tried shout but that didn't get it all. I read on a blog (can't remember whose) to use green dish detergent mixed with something.  Unfortunately, I can't remember what that something was. So tomorrow I am going to try green dish soap. I'll let you know how it goes.

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tell Me Your Favorite Brand of Rotary Cutter!

During my trip last week, I was able to stop at a few quilt shops in Mountain Home. I picked up a few new products to try. One of them was the Clover Chaco Liner Pen. 

It is used to mark stencils. It comes in several colors. I got blue. It is a chalk, but is powder and works like a pen.  I tried it tonight and it worked great.

So, if any of you out there are looking for something to mark quilting stencils, you might want to try it.

I am in need of a new rotary cutter. Please take a minute to tell me what your favorite rotary cutter is and why you like it.

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's Good to be Home

 We had a wonderful trip with a lot of rest and relaxation. After we moved on from Searcy, we stayed at the White Buffalo Resort. It sounds extravagant, but it wasn't. Nice, but not extravagant. See here for more information on our trip.

I think a week is about the longest I have ever been away from home. This summer, I have been away for a week on two different occasions. This is great but I also feel school is about to start and I haven't accomplished much this summer.

Hopefully, I will be able to get a little sewing time in today, if only to finish the girl baby quilt.

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wonderful Visit with a New Friend

I had the pleasure of meeting Pat of Bird's Nest on the Ground yesterday afternoon. She has a lovely studio which she showed us here.  Everything was so neat and she seems to have a place for everything. (I actually took my camera along and never got it out. Too busy talking.)

We visited for quite awhile and I asked her questions after question after question about her quilts, how she appliques, about her bead work. And the list goes on.

She took me in to see her "quilt closet".  And. . .

I was dazzled by her quilts. She does a lot of applique quilts but in a variety of different styles. One can see that she draws ideas from her quilts from a variety of sources. . . TV shows, such as "Little House on the Prairie", children's books, memories of friends, life in general. My favorite was an exquisite embellished "crazy quilt" that I could have looked at all day. I hope she will post about it one day. (Then I can have another look at it.)

I was especially fascinated by the "writing on quilts" that she does and the fabulous labels she puts on the back of all of her quilts.

Pat graced me with a lovely gift.

Inside the little packet was . . .

some trinkets I plan to use on a mini "crazy quilt" 

and a wonderful book she made -- "Writing on Fabric".  I can't wait to sit down and read it in its entirety.

As I thumbed through it, this quote caught my eye. (I love to sing, but it isn't pretty.)

I hope to be able to visit with Pat again sometime. It is so great that with email so many of us can keep in touch.

Pat, thank you for being such a great hostess and for showing me how "writing on fabric" can enhance a quilt and how very important labels are to a quilt. You are an inspiration to me.

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!

RV Parks -- Definitely not my "Cup of Tea"

We love to stay at State Parks or Corp of Engineer parks when we take the 5th wheel out.  But, when looking for a place to stay in Searcy, our choices were limited. I wanted to be close to town and Harding College because I didn't want to have to drive very far to and from my workshops.

So we are staying at the Whitney Lane RV Park (only one of two to choose from). It is wall-to-wall rv's. A few shade trees but not really big enough to help. Of course, we are staying cool in the RV and it's really too hot to sit outside anyway. Although I was able to take a short walk last night and it really was pleasant outside at 8 p.m.

We will be moving on to Mountain Home on Friday afternoon. I think the place we are staying is more like a state park and hope we will have room to move around between RV's, and shade, so we can enjoy the outdoors.

I did have time to go visit with Pat of Birds Nest on the Ground at her home and lovely sewing studio yesterday afternoon. I can't wait to sit down and share the visit with all of you. Thanks, Pat. I had a lovely visit and you are truly a talented, creative quilter and designer. 

Hi Craig, Kelsey, Becca, and Ismael. I sure do miss you guys.

On my way to workshops again today.  Talk to you later.

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A LIttle Work and A Little Play

I have a "Lit Lab Workshop" (teaching reading to kids) in Searcy on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of this week. Usually a friend that is enrolled in the class goes with me. This time she is on vacation and will be going at the end of the month. I can't go then because of a doctor's appointment.

So, I asked Larry if he would take a couple of vacation days and pull the 5th wheel to Search and I wouldn't have to get a hotel room.

So yesterday, I am shopped for food and piddled in the rv. I always clean it very well before we pack up to come home. So . . . when I get home from a trip I don't have to do anything and before we get ready to leave again, I usually only have to sweep up the dead bugs that somehow accumulate there.

Ready to travel. We took out the bench buffet seat and purchased a small table with 2 folding ends. So we lay it down to travel and it doesn't budge since it is on the carpet. We also took out the small hide a bed sofa and put in two chairs and Ottomans from Big Lots. Much more comfy for my husband and I.

We will be in Searcy from Tuesday to Friday and then in Mountain Home from Friday to Monday. We don't have a lot planned in Mountain Home. Just going to go with the flow and see what is happening there. I do know there are 2 of 3 quilt shops in the area and I will be visiting them.

Now to make sure I have a little sewing to do while I am gone. 

Updates to follow.

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Design Wall Monday

Funny, how I have a large design wall but use the tabletop or floor more often.

Still have the "Kollyn" quilt laid out. It is now all embroidered and ready to sew together. It's going to have to wait until next week when we get back from our trip. (More about that later.)

Judy L. is once again hosting "Design Wall Monday". Be sure to stop by and visit the other blogs and leave a comment. It's so much fun to receive comments.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

"Addyson Nicole" Quilt Quilted

The "Addyson Nicole" quilt is now quilted.

I almost stuck to my design.

I decided not to put the swirly line free motion following the design of the fabric on the light pink pieces. I want the quilt to be snuggly soft in case she uses it instead of hanging it on the wall.

What do you think? Should I add to it or leave it as it is now?

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Cleaning, Quilting, and a Movie?

Well, I did make a little progress on one of my baby quilts today. I got the "Addyson Nicole" quilt sandwiched and ready to quilt tomorrow.

And I sketched out a quilting design. I'll see if I still like it in the morning to see if it's a go.

It looks quilted really close, but I don't think I'll quilt it that close. Even though I made it to be a quilt to use for the baby, I know this mom will use it as a wall hanging and keep sake.

Both of my children have a baby quilt made by my mom that they used, carried around, and slobbered all over. I washed them and washed them and they still have them. Hmmm. I wonder where they are. I think Craig's is in his closet. But, I'm not sure about Kelsey's. I'll have to ask her tomorrow if she has it or if I need to find it for her.

I have family coming Sunday for a 4th of July cookout so I spent part of the day picking up, part of the day working on school stuff, and then made it to the sewing room. But, I felt off kilter all day and decided I wanted to do something.  So . . .

I don't usually go to see movies very often but tonight I splurged and took myself out to see "Eclipse". Larry is working and I know that wouldn't be his choice of movies. So I didn't feel bad about going without him. There is a new Julia Roberts movie coming out, "Eat, Pray, Love". That is definitely a chick flick and I will go see it without Larry or wait for it to be out on DVD or TV.

The other movie trailer showed was "Red" with Bruce Willis. Now that could be a date night movie. It is an action film and Larry would like it.

Talk to you tomorrow . . .

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!


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