Thursday, January 20, 2011

Whatcha working on?

I have aborted abandoned all of projects I have started. And once again started something new.

Actually, a colleague of mine asked me if I ever made quilts for other people. She has a daughter getting married and she has asked if I would make her a double wedding ring quilt that she could give her daughter as a wedding gift.

I told her the reason I did not make quilts for other people is that I'm afraid people will not want to pay what they are worth. She told me that money was not an object. I told her I would do some research and see if I could come up with a price.

I had already purchased the acrylic double wedding ring templates last summer.
(I don't think this is the set I bought, but you get the picture.)

So I decided to work up a couple of blocks to see how hard easy it is to make this quilt. Actually, easy it is not. I worked most of the day cutting out blocks and piecing a few.  And never quite often ripped out to make the center of the arched blocks lay flat and straight.

And laid out so you can see the light areas together . . .

And the dark blocks . . .

I need to ask her if she wants me to pick the fabric. Or if she wants to furnish the material. She asked if I would make it all different colors or what. So she may want me to just use scraps I have around the house. I really hope she just says these colors are good and I can use what I have made and add to it.

I haven't really come up with a price yet.  Any suggestions?

I'm going to tell her tomorrow that I will do it and work up a price over the weekend. If she agrees . . . Great!  Maybe it will open up doors to earn some extra money.

I'm sure I will be back to school tomorrow. Today was a great productive day.

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting.


  1. I think a queen sized double wedding ring quilt should go for no less than $500, if not more. You now see how long a couple of blocks have taken you; even at $500, you are probably going to make less than minimum wage. Don't undervalue your time, and your worth. (And your scraps!)

  2. I usually charge $10.00 per square foot for a quilt to sell. However, I think for a DWR, which is so much more complex, I would up that to $13-$15 per square foot. That includes me providing the materials and quilting and binding.

  3. if you are providing the materials (fabric, thread, pattern) make sure you keep an accurate record of cost - then charge for the making of it also - if you are also doing the quilting you should charge for that too. A double wedding ring will take some time to make - I have made two of them and know it took some time to make both of them.

    You might want to figure out the cost and show her that so she knows what she is getting in for :) with fabric prices alone it could be $250 to $200 easily once you figure in batting and backing and that is not even including the making of it.

  4. that estimate is $250 to $300 (mistakenly put 200)

  5. Lots and lots of money!!! As I looked at photos and read, I was sure you WEREN'T going to make it. You go, Girl!!!

  6. Oh goodnees - I think you are wonderful to that. Such a lot of work... Do make sure the cost is correct, and worth your while. Look forward to seeing what happens next :)

  7. I charge about $18 per square foot, but that is so quilt specific! I break down each charge, so it can vary greatly.

  8. Well I think making a quilt is priceless LOL. I do not think I would take only $500 for a DWR quilt it costs that much for the fabric alone. It costs a lot to have someone do it with a long arm. I just finished mine whew would never sell it for less than $1000.00 I quilted the whole thing in my hoop on my embroidery machine and the borders I stippled. You can check it out on my blog. Good luck with your plans. ;)



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