Monday, December 27, 2010

Lucky Larry

Tomorrow he is scheduled for a colonoscopy--so boy is he having fun today. A liquid diet and then drinking that nasty stuff. So tomorrow as he is having his procedure I will be waiting for him in the waiting room. Thankfully he is having it done at the local hospital so it is only 5 minutes from home. I have a good book downloaded on my Kindle so I am all set. I'll just have to remember to dress in layers so I am not freezing. You know how cold hospitals usually are.

I got the 2 borders sewn on the"Snowbound" quilt. The backing is chosen and pieced. All I need to do is sandwich it and I'll be ready to go tomorrow. If I'm not too tired after the ball game, I may do that tonight while I watch a movie.

Our High School is hosting a Holiday Classic Basketball Tournament beginning today. The girl's  played at 7 p.m. They won.  The boy's played at 8:30. They also won--by a land slide.  The last time they played this team, Ismael scored 24 points and had I don't know how many assists. So this time they guarded him so well he couldn't do much. By the end of the 1st quarter the B team was in and by the end of the game the C team was in. So I left at the beginning of the 4th quarter.

They play again tomorrow night at 8:30. I hope Larry will feel well enough to go with me. So until next time . . .

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting.


  1. Oh poor Larry! I keep telling Jim he's reached the age that he needs to have one done as well, but all I get is glares out of him. LOL Have fun and don't freeze to death!

  2. Thanks for sweetie had one last year and he said the pre scope treatment was worse than the deed.
    I just found your blog...I'm now follower...I also love the quilt on you header! Big time!

  3. The quilt looks great Vivian. I am so glad you will have it done before winter is over. I am pretty sure that that counts! I am off to work, I hope you are warm. Lisa

  4. Found my way here from Karen's Quilting and will be bookmarking it as one of my daily blog reads. Absolutely love your header picture and the quilt. I love black & white quilts with a little color accent.

  5. Your snowbound quilt is bee-you-tee-full! Is sooo makes me want to make one of my own.

  6. Love your Snowbound!!! I'm just pulling together the last of my fabrics for it... I'm not THAT far behind... LOL. Looking at yours give me great hope that I will have a Snowbound for next winter!!

    Good for Larry... He's doing an important thing to protect his health.



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