Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Crazy Change in Plans

Thank you for all of the well wishes on the fun day I had planned, but it didn't happen. 

My son walked out of the house to go to work. He really has a great job. He doesn't have to go in until 9:30. So with the hour drive, he does not have to get up early and he misses all of the 8 o'clock morning traffic.

Well, as I was saying, he walked out of the house this morning only to come back in in a few minutes. I asked him why he came back in and he said he had a flat tire. Totally flat. So out of the kindness of my heart (really necessity) I let him take my vehicle. Which stranded me until Larry got home at 9:30.

The sad thing is Craig has a truck he could drive but his dad had been driving it and he had called from work the other day and said it wouldn't start. Him and some of the guys push started it and he came home. The mechanic at his work thinks it is probably the starter. But because of doctor visits and work, we haven't ordered a new part. Now I know why I am so glad we usually have an extra vehicle around the house. I guess when Craig moves out, Larry and I will need to purchase a stand by vehicle to use in emergencies. It's nice just to jump in a different vehicle and deal with it when you do not have to be somewhere.

Where is all of this going? Well, my well laid out plans were totally blown. Which is actually probably good because I figure I saved a lot of money by not going to the quilt shops.

But the plans now are for Larry and I to go to Cracker Barrel to eat this evening and then to Cloth World and hopefully I will find some good quality red fabric. At this store, I always go by feel of the fabric. I found some I really liked there last Saturday and it felt very thin--so it stayed there.

But I had a good day. Here are the results . . .

The chocolate ones are off of the Toll House White Chips package and the others are Toll House chocolate chip cookies from the semi sweet chocolate chip package. I know the chocolate chip cookies are delicious because they always are. I've learned how to use a scant tsp. of soda and  1/4 cup less of flour to give me the gooey chewy cookies I like. Kelsey on the other hand likes them light and fluffy.

The cookie canisters are filled, kiddos. Hmm . . . Kelsey and Ismael that means you'll have to come see me. I have orange juice.

I tasted one of the chocolate cookies and they were very good but not quite the texture I like. I will definitely make them again with a few minor changes.

Well, I'm off to put binding on the two doll quilts I made for my great niece and then a nice leisurely evening out with Larry.

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!.


  1. Car woes; ugh. I can totally relate.

    I, too, choose the all cotton fabrics by feel when I don't buy them from a quilt shop.

    The cookies look delicious!

  2. car problems :( not good. But at least you made the best of your day and going out this evening! that will make up for it.



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