Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Quiet Christmas Day

We had a great Christmas Day. We started off by all of us having breakfast together.

Larry cooked breakfast for us. I must have been half asleep because he sure looks fuzzy. Well, as I look at the photos, all of us are fuzzy. (I think it must have been not enough sleep. We all went to midnight Mass.)

Then we opened gifts.

One of Craig's gifts was in a box that cooking utensils came in. He told me he was going to wait until he got married to open and use the utensils. I laughed and told him that the box did not have utensils in it. I actually gave him grooming supplies--shampoo, deodorant, razor blades, etc.--just reused a box that was on hand. All of that stuff that he decided was really expensive since he has to buy them.

Kelsey cooks at a fast food restaurant in town and gets filthy. She doesn't wear aprons at work because they are all too large for her. So Wal-mart had these cute little aprons and I embroidered her name on it so the other workers will leave it alone. I told her I would get a couple of more blue ones so the dirt and grease wouldn't show up so much.
Kelsey gave me one of those cute form fitting jackets that are all the rage. I think I'll wear it to church in the morning to see how I like it. 

After a bit Craig and Becca went to her grandma's house. Kelsey and Ismael hung around playing games for awhile. Then they left to go to his house.

About that time, Larry went to take a nap and I watched part of Eat, Pray, Love. Silly me. I was trying to read blogs and watch TV at the same time--you all know how that goes--so I had to start it over because I realized I wasn't sure what was going on. Then I got tired of sitting still before it was over so I got up to start cooking supper. I never did finish the movie. I'll probably get back to it tomorrow. When that movie first came out, I wanted to see it but never did. I've heard mixed reviews about it. I guess before I can really judge the movie, I need to watch it paying close attention and actually finish the movie. lol

I have such a large family (4 brothers & 3 sisters) that we do not get each other Christmas gifts. We used to draw names but don't do that any longer. But being the crafty family we are, a few of us generally make things for each other.

This year, I received a large beaded Rosary, some wooden ornaments, and a wooden candle holder. One of my brothers has a wood turning lathe and does beautiful work.

This is the candlestick he made all of us this year. It is black with lime green in the middle.

These are the ones he has given me in previous years. They were different colors--one antique white, one mauve and one light green--but I wanted to use them all together in a grouping with the red and white candles shown above, so I painted them white.

A few days ago, I saw an advertisement for hooded scarves.  I purchased a knitted one years ago and use it every winter when I have recess duty at school. So I decided to make one for my mom and sisters.

One of my sisters loves penguin so this one will go to her.
Here are all of them.

Now, I need to sit down today and make me one. This fleece matches the new coat Kelsey gave me. I have a great snowman embroidery pattern from Embroidery Library. CJ from Created by CJ suggested this site for embroidery patterns. It is great. Who can beat $1 designs?

Larry is working today.  Kelsey is working half the day. Craig and Becca will be in an out. I think the kids and I are getting together to eat left-overs tonight. But, other than warming supper, it's going to be a day of napping, sewing, and doing whatever.

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting.


  1. It sounds like a perfectly lovely day, Vivian! I had a quiet day, too. Todd was on shift, and the weather made roads too tough for travel, so I enjoyed the snow and the deer in the woods! Luckily Todd's relief man was able to get to the station this morning, so he's on his way home. We'll have another quiet day, together this time! Merry Christmas to you! :)

  2. sounds like a nice day! I love those scarfs - so pretty. We had a quite day too.

  3. She didn't mention the nice present I received from her and the kids. A very nice 42" LCD HDTV and new credenza to sit it on. It is one of the best presents I have ever received.



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