Thursday, December 9, 2010

Another Long Day!

I spent the day at the hospital in Little Rock again. I had a CT scan of my neck and throat at 12:30. Then I had a breathing test at 2:30 and met with my doctor at 3:00. The CT scan showed inflammation of the throat area right around the vocal chords. The doctors are baffled and cannot figure out what is causing the swelling. The breathing test showed that my breathing is a little better and I can tell. So the surgery to snip the tissue growth was successful.

But, not a clue why the spot in my throat is inflamed. So he is going to send my records (and me) to an ear, nose, and throat specialist and hope he has some answers.  I really hope I can get in while I am off for Christmas break. It is really strange that my throat is inflamed and it does not hurt.

Meanwhile . . .

After I stitched in the ditch around the blocks of Baby Giuliana's quilt, I decided to cross hatch in the large center block. So I looked around the room for something to use to help me keep a pretty even (around a one inch) space between quilting rows. And this is what I found . . .

What is the strangest most unique thing you used as a quilting tool?


  1. I hope they can figure out what is wrong with you soon - you sure have been running back and forth to Little Rock to try to find an answer.
    My strangest tool I guess is the thimble I use for quilting at the frame - my paddle thimble - so unique few seem to know what it is until I explain it. This is a link to it,

  2. hope your throat issues are sorted out soon. I absolutely LOVE your header photo/colors!

  3. Hello from Ontario, Canada. I hope you are well soon. My latest, favorite (not!) quilting accessory is a wrist splint on my left wrist due to carpal tunnel syndrome, no doubtedly from my quilting like a fiend these past couple of weeks.



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