Saturday, December 4, 2010

How Funny!

I kind of forgot I put my November and December goals on my side bar. I put them there to encourage me to work on those items. I finished four of the November goals and deleted them off. But you can see that I still have items on the list.

Hmmm! What to do? Why did I not finish these items. It could be because I worked on stockings for my children. Or I  started on this table runner for my daughter.

Or because it took me a week to decorate the house for Christmas. But, my husband and I love the lights and how clean the house looks at this time of year. All of the decorations seem new each year because we only see them for a month or so.

So I took a look at what was still on the look to prioritize the list. Becca's quilt is not going anywhere. I can finish it at any time. So it will probably be put on hold until January. The Poinsettia Quilt will be a wall hanging. I really would have liked to have it completed to hang on the wall with my Christmas decor so I will work on it a few blocks at a time and maybe it will be completed by Christmas. If not that is okay. A whole, whole, lot of applique.

The snowflake quilt also has some applique. It is also for me so there is no deadline. Which leaves the Baby Girl quilt. I really should have completed it by now so that is what I really, really need to work on this week. Starting today. (I am telling myself that for a reason.) lol  The baby quilt is for a teacher friend of mine and I will be seeing her next Saturday and really need to give it to her then.

So, I am off to clean the downstairs area and then get busy sewing.

Happy snipping, stitching and quilting.


  1. Well it sure sounds like you will never be bored LOL. I keep wanting to start another project but I am determined to finish what I have on the go. Enjoy the Holidays.

  2. I need to get busy on decorating this weekend - preferably today while the weather is warmer for walking back and forth from the work shop where the boxes are stored!

  3. I feel like I am jumping all over the place with my sewing too. So many things I want to do. I must prioritize and focus!!!!
    I wish you luck in getting it all done!



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