Sunday, December 5, 2010

Where Did Saturday Go?

I never made it to the sewing room yesterday. And . . . I have no idea where the day went.

I decided my hair was looking pretty shabby. Even Larry commented that it was time for a haircut. For the past year, I have been just going to the Walmart supercenter and walking in and it has been okay. But I haven't gotten that great haircut that I can always count on. So I chose a shop in town that has late hours and takes walk-ins. I know the owner and she has had the shop for a long time.

The girl doing my hair did a good job but she was new and to get a trim and waxing done, it took well over an hour. When I got back home, I realized that the group of teachers that meet once a month for dinner was meeting at my home on Saturday for a Christmas party. It's my fault -- I volunteered.

So I spent some time cleaning (it was more like piddling around) but did not accomplish very much. I need to spend some time today adding some decorations to my downstairs area and then maybe I'll get to the sewing room.

Since I don't like a post without pictures, I'll show you the Christmas wall hangings in my kitchen. The kitchen has high ceilings. So when people come they have to look up over the doorways to see the wall hangings.  I took the pics from the floor so the colors are a little off because of the reflection from the red wall.

I used the top quilt as a tablecloth in the kitchen last year and I used the bottom quilt over a chair last year. The middle quilt was designed in EQ6 and finished this year.

Hope all of you spend this day in the way you want instead of doing things you have to do.

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!

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