Saturday, September 18, 2010

Friday Night Sew-In Update

While I did get something accomplished I didn't get started early enough to get a lot accomplished.

 I ended up staying at work until almost 7 p.m. when Larry met me there. We then went out to eat as we were both starving. So it was well after 8:30 before I got home and started.
I had two "Snowbound" blocks from Bunnyhill Designs free BOM already cut out. I was able to get them appliqued and a third block completed. 
So today I am sewing, cleaning house, and doing laundry. Aren't we quilters talented?

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!


  1. I like the Bunnie Hill designs although I have not used many of them. Your winter quilt will look great. I did not get much done last night after I got home but I did relax at the quilting frame for a little bit. Today I have gotten work done on the Bow Ties.

  2. Those are adorable Vivian! I'm afraid if I got home at 8:30, I'd be tumbling into bed shortly afterwards. I can't sew at night. 4 am yes. 8 pm? Uh uh. LOL

  3. Cute, cute, cute.
    If I could stay up late - I'd sew.
    My problem is I go to bed, then Around 2/2:30 I cannot sleep anymore and I get up to sew. But, I guess that's not a problem - it's just strange.

  4. I just adore snowmen and yours are just too cute!

  5. I love your snowmen, and the background fabric you are using. They are just so cute! They made me run over and download the patterns for myself. A question, though, are you using anything to stop the background from showing through on the white snowmen? I clicked on your pics, and couldn't see any show through of the dark through the white, which I have often had problems with.



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