Sunday, September 5, 2010

Snowflake Quilt Almost Quilted

Well, I got the urge to work on my snowflake flimsy.  I got it sandwiched this morning and spent most of the day quilting it. I decided that I would stitch in the ditch around the big blocks and then wasn't sure what I wanted to do inside the blocks. I knew I didn't want to use a lot of fill because I want the quilt to be snuggly soft.

So this afternoon I decided a big snowflake would be perfect. I wasn't sure I wanted to free hand it because I knew I didn't want to take the time to practice that much. So I printed a snowflake clipart from the internet and then used it as a stencil. Since I didn't have a light colored marking pen, I decided to try pinning the paper stencil to the quilt and sew around it.

It actually worked okay. I just had to be careful and hold my hands just right so the foot wouldn't get caught on the paper.

It's been a quiet day here. I quilted and rested all day. Kelsey and Ismael and 2 nieces and a nephew came to swim for awhile. I know the water was cold but they toughed it out for a long time.

Today is Craig's last day at Walmart. He has a new job with a web design company in Fort Smith (about 40 miles away). A pretty good drive but he has been making it for 4 years because that is where he went to college.  Congratulations, Craig. We are proud of you.

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting.


  1. congrats to your son on the new job. I hope he will like it.

  2. I love your snowflake quilt. Great idea for the print out stencil. Congrats to your son.

  3. Ingenuity at its best! I wouldn't have thought to do that Vivian, but that's a great idea!



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