Thursday, September 2, 2010

My, Oh My . . .

how dependent we are on the internet in our little blog world.

I had my throat procedure on Tuesday which left me very hoarse because they could not numb my throat because of an allergic reaction to lidocaine (the numbing meds). Therefore, I coughed all through the procedure and now cannot talk above a whisper. I stayed home from work on Wednesday and was pleasantly sewing away through a rain shower when all of the sudden I heard a snap, crackle, and pop. I knew lightning had struck somewhere in or near the house. (It was not even thundering or lightning prior to the strike.)

I walked through the house and found that the hot tub was no longer on. So I waited for the rain to stop and checked the switch box and luckily after I reset the switch, the hot tub came back on. Thank goodness.

But later that evening I discovered that the internet was not working. Sure enough, lightning zapped it.

My point is, after being without internet for less than 24 hours, you would think I was cut off from the world. When in truth, it was just my blogging family.

Now, I'm catching up on blog reading and realize that I really need to show a new pic of the quilt I am working on. Playing hooky from school really paid off. I have all of the blocks pieced and waiting for me to lay out.

Hopefully there will be pics tomorrow night.

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting.


  1. I know exactly how you feel Vivian. I'm find if I don't see another soul for 6 months, doesn't bother me not to have a phone, but take the internet away and I feel like I've been abandoned in a dark closet!

    I am crossing my fingers that your surgery worked and you are able to breathe again!

  2. Well since your internet was out, did you know that you won the one day prize on sew cindy's blog? I wasn't sure if you had heard or not. Congrats.

  3. that is the reason that we got our palm pre plus telephones this year - when we travel we don't see our family or friends for up to two months at time and can handle that with a phone call to check in - but if I can't connect to the blogging world and e mail it drives me nuts and go into withdrawal feeling totally disconnected from the world -
    Hope your throat feels better quickly.

  4. Gwynette in NW ArkansasSeptember 3, 2010 at 9:31 AM

    I'm like CJ. It's okay not to see anyone, but I really want to read emails from my daughters, read blogs, look up quilty things and find recipes. Sort of makes me furious when the internet goes down. I mean, this IS the age of modern technology.

    I, too, hope your procedure works and it's a bummer about the allergic reaction you get to the pain killer.

  5. Take the TV, take the radio, take the vehicles..........BUT LEAVE THE INTERNET !!!

    Oh, while you're at it - take the hubby out of HIS OFFICE so I can get to my LONGARM...ROFLOL

  6. I can have laryngitis for 3 weeks (and I often do) but shut down the internet for 3 hours and I start hyperventilating!

  7. my area looks the flowered is going to be lovely I'm sure



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