Monday, September 6, 2010

Do You Think . . .

that mistakes made by well-known quilters often end up in new patterns or new quilt names or new quilt stitch names? 

Of course, I am not a well-known quilter, but that is what happened to me. My blue quilt has been known as the "Snowflake" quilt since its' start as a thought. Well, as I was quilting one of my outside borders, my quilt got a new name.

"Snowflakes and Daisies"

What? It is really quite simple. I decided to do a "loops and snowflake" meandering in a couple of the outside borders. But, after I quilted the first snowflake--I looked and it was definitely a daisy.

Well, truth be known, I was too lazy to rip it out so I just continued to make loops and daisies. Therefore, my quilt was renamed.

Now, if I was quilting this to give to someone, I would have taken the stitches out. But since I will keep it myself (or maybe give it to Craig), I wasn't worried about it and continued to make daisies.

So what do you think? Do you think mistakes often become really grand ideas?


  1. Of course they do! And your daisies look wonderful!

    Funny, I don't rip for myself or family either. LOL

  2. I have done some of that "creative" stuff too but mine usually come when I am piecing!!!

  3. The daisy's look great. My mistakes come in the piecing - I bet a lot of people do that too.

  4. My mistakes are MISTAKES !! LOL
    True, blue MISTAKES !!
    You should have seen the ones I've made while doing the longarm yesterday.
    BUT - the MISTAKES took on an entire life of their own and now I'm the only one that knows the "LIFE" started out as a mistake...LOL....

  5. Love the daisies! Wouldn't dream of ever ripping them out!

  6. I'm with Cindy above, my mistakes are MISTAKES! But your daisies are pretty, pretty.



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