Saturday, December 31, 2011

I learn from every quilt . . .

I make. 

Well, part 7 of Ocra Bay was posted this morning. So, I made forced myself to sit down this afternoon and finish those red string blocks. I was also able to sew a few of the red string triangles to the wing triangle units and, oh my, I quickly realized the mistake I had made.

Now, I am a spray starch fanatic. I love the fresh, crisp look I get when I starch. So what is the problem? I have found that starching works well on many blocks, but not so well on those with tiny pieces. I found that I had distorted the blocks as I starched and ironed. Or maybe the problem was that I was ironing and not pressing.

Anyway, I am not totally pleased with how the first 10 or so units turned out, but they will work. I remember I had the same problem with a similar unit in the Orange Crush quilt. I thought they were distorted and looked awful, but that quilt turned out fabulous.  And this one will to.

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting.


  1. I must have the same 'ironing' problem, Vivian. My flying geese units are just a smidgen wide, but I bet by pinning them when joined to the other units, they'll 'fly' just fine. Your Orange Crush quilt IS fabulous and I'm so happy to see it each day when I check your blog. Happy New Year!!!!

  2. I struggle with the ironing issue all the time. It's ingrained in me to 'iron' as opposed to 'pressing'! The units you've finished look great from where I'm sitting, Vivian! :)

  3. I have to admit, I tend to iron and not press too but you sound confident that they'll fudge in. I love the look of your pieces, it could be a sister quilt for the one in your header.



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