Monday, December 26, 2011

Design Wall Monday

Well, it's the last Design Wall Monday for 2011. As I write this, I wonder how many of them I participated in. Usually I write my post on Sunday evening and then add the links and post it early on Monday morning before going off to work.

Well, the Fat Quarter BOM of the month is still on the actual design wall. But I am working on the Orca Bay Mystery Quilt.  I actually have two piles for the pieces. This shows the step I am currently working on.

This is the pile of parts waiting to be placed somewhere. If you are making the Ocra Bay Quilt, you will notice my red triangle string parts are missing. I am having trouble making myself finish those. But that will be first on the list when I finish these Ohio Stars. 

I am also linking up to Bonnie's Mystery Monday Link Up.

Today, I am shopping with Craig and maybe Kelsey. Becca has to work at 12:30 and very politely gave me a look that said, "NO" when I asked if she wanted to get up early and shop with us. lol

When I return home today, I have to make a label for the Eagles Wing Quilt.  I'm writing this down as a note to myself to get that completed today.

Happy snipping, stitiching, and quilting.


  1. Vivian, your Orca Bay mystery is coming along very nicely! I tended to do my design wall post the night before, too. Have fun shopping today!! :)

  2. I do as you do, Vivian -- I compose my DWM (and now Orca Bay) update on Sunday evening. As soon as Judy and Bonnie post "Mr. Linky" early Monday morning I create those links.

    I had a pile of black/neutral slivers like yours. Not all of my hourglass units were the right size, so I had to make a bunch more for the Ohio Stars. (But, scrapsaver that I've become, I trimmed down the wrong-size hourglasses to 2" in anticipation of some other project!)

    May you find bargains galore on your shopping today.

  3. Love your light background blocks! I hope to catch up asap!

  4. Your Ohio Stars look great. I'm anxious to get to that part. I enjoyed browsing your 2011 Finished Projects. That Double Wedding Ring with the applique is marvelous. I hope you enter it into a show. It's sure to be a show stopper!

  5. Orca bay is looking good. I'm struggling to make myself finish part 5 so I do a little everyday....Almost half way there with that one. Your step 5 looks great, inspiring! Have fun shopping!!

  6. Your mystery is looking great! I'm quite far behind but other things took priority with the holiday. I'll be back to it soon. All the best getting the strip blocks completed. Best of luck with the shopping!

  7. Ohio star block looks great, and doing step #5 was a challenge for me, but I did finish them .

  8. Your blocks look great Vivian. Can't wait to see what everyone's quilt looks like.

  9. Looking great! Is that a zebra striped rotary cutter? - fun :)



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