Thursday, February 10, 2011

Opinions Please!!!

Do you ever have days when you have nothing to say? You would think with no school for the last 2 days (and no school tomorrow) and being home alone the whole time, I would be Chatty Cathy. But nope.

You would also think I would have been sewing away. Nope, not today. I did clean and keep two fires going so the heater would kick off every once in awhile. I also shoveled part of the driveway so I could get out tomorrow. (Now I don't have to.)

I sat down Wednesday evening and tried to design a quilt in EQ using my Tree Time blocks. I thought about using pieced tree blocks in between the applique blocks. But after I sat down tonight and looked at it again, I decided it was much too busy.

I've seen a lot of quilts made lately with the Irish Chain in between so I though I would try that. But I didn't like the way the center block worked out. So I used a 16 square in the center and the outside middle blocks. I used a dark blue fabric as the main color and then played around with the randomize color. This is the color combination that really struck me. I think it's kind of a slate blue. Then I added some black and really like the way it framed the rest of the quilt.

So, what do you think? Too busy? Do these colors work with the blocks? (Slate blue and black are not in the blocks.) I'm not even sure I can find this fabric in this color.

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!


  1. It looks like your block backgrounds are WOW so the chain and borders using WOW would look good with the slate blue and black... Just my opinion.
    Maybe a white 'X' in the center block for continuity of the chain???

    It will be great whatever you decide!!

  2. I would like it better with the chain connecting all of the blocks but that is my opinion. You would be able to find those colors with moda marbles or kona cotton - it seems like they have every shade available.
    I was lazy and didn't have the fireplace going yesterday even though the heat was on constantly. I did shovel out a little bit and can't go any place anyhow as I can't move the car out of the driveway yet!!

  3. I think I agree with Karen, and would have the chain connecting all the squares, maybe with a 2 colour chain, or at least same colour different tone, one of the colours going right to left, and the other going the other direction, so that you would get a four patch where they meet in the middle of the 16 patch square. Clear as mud?

  4. Vivian it's absolutely gorgeous! Do you actually have those color fabrics or will you have to shop for them. Because they're perfectly beautiful I'm hoping you have them or can find them easily. blessings, marlene

  5. I'm not a quilter, but I'm a lover of quilts and this pattern is absolutely beautiful! My mother in law keeps one going all the time, she uses color combinations that I would never have thought of and they always turn out striking. So glad you found me so that I could find your great blog! I love meeting Arkansas bloggers and it's amazing that we both have Stitt built homes! Thanks so much for coming to visit me on Granny Mountain (it's actually Orlo Stitt's South Sun Estates)!

  6. This looks really good--I am impressed. Your Tree Time blocks are great and all done by machine? It looks like they are. I love seeing what others dod with my blocks. Hope you enjoy the Boot Bash blocks just as much or more. Be sure to let me know when you get your quilt put together. I would love to see it! And love to post about it.



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