Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Chef -- I am NOT

In fact, I have almost forgotten how to cook.  You see, for ten years after I was married, I worked in a grocery store. Shortly after starting, I was trained to count the money drawers and close the store down. So many shifts for me were 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. So Larry took over cooking so we could eat before 10 pm. Most night I would get home at 8:15 or 8:30 and the meal was ready and waiting for me.

And he has been doing most of the cooking for the last 30 years. (Lucky me!) But, I have forgotten how to cook.

While home alone yesterday, after reading Judy's post about the scrumptious cinnamon rolls, I decided to see if I could make the dough for them in my Bread Machine. I put everything in the machine (in the same order I do for making bread dough) and turned it on. When it finished, I knew immediately that the dough definitely did not look right. It was very heavy and off colored.

I decided to go ahead and let them rise and see what happened. After about an hour -- nothing. Now it is really cold here and my house is around 70 degrees so I thought maybe it was just too cold to rise quickly. So I let them rise all night and got up this morning to put them in the oven. They still hadn't risen.  I baked them to see what would happen.  Nothing!!!

Still heavy and not really edible.

The only thing that was different (besides ingredients) was that I had melted the real butter and dumped it in instead of using soft margarine.

So tell me, all of you chefs out there. Is it possible to make cinnamon roll dough in a bread machine? If so, I sure need some tips.


  1. hmmm, not sure what happened. all I can think of is maybe you left an ingredient out by accident and don't realize it. When the house is cold I put a bowl of boiling water on the bottom rack of the oven and put my bread dough on the middle rack above the dough and it is a nice warm place for it to raise.

  2. Oh bummer, Vivian! I wish I had some insight for you, but I don't. They looked pretty in the photo! :)

  3. I use my bread machine all the time to make cinnamon rolls. It isn't Judy's recipe exactly, but pretty close. Was your yeast fresh? Was your milk too hot? I'm not sure either what could have happened. Crazy they didn't raise overnight.

  4. This sounds like a yeast or a temperature issue.

  5. Janet is probably right. I think I may have had the milk or butter too hot--since I melted the butter. I'll try again today putting the butter out early to soften.

  6. Love the quilt on your header Vivian, it turned out wonderfully!

    I mix all my bread dough in my bread machine... personally I don't think a stand mixer comes close to doing as good of a job. Did you forget the yeast, or was your water too hot? It can't be too cold, it just takes longer if it's cold, but too much heat will kill it.

  7. never used a bread machine ...but the first time I tried bread from scratch it turned out like your rolls....I agree it may have been the temperatures

  8. Snowbound looks great out in the snow and that's what's happening to us....Snowbound Our dusting turned into 4 inches yesterday . Oh, goodness, they are predicting another 'dusting' tomorrow.

    Sorry about your rolls... better luck with the next batch.

  9. Her cooking abilities are better than she lets on. Rarely is there anything wrong. She can cook well and it all tastes good. And who needs Cinnamon Rolls anyway? To tempting for a diabetic.



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