Friday, February 4, 2011

A New Project

Karen from Quilts... etc. posed the question, "What do you do on a snowy day?" 

Well, sew of course. Actually, I made a new bag. Don't you like it?

 You must be wondering what in the world I am going to do with it.

Well, I have been spending so much time waiting in doctor's offices for the past 5 months that I decided it was time to be productive (besides playing solitaire on my cell phone). So I made this . . .

I have chosen a new portable project. A Christmas Wish by Gail Pan Designs. I have the first three blocks traced off and ready to go.

Finished quilts can be seen here. I like the pillow and have said this was going to be the year of the pillow. But I haven't made any yet. Then after seeing the quilts that were not Christmasy, I really think I'll make one not using red or green or Christmas fabric. I really liked the 6th one from the end and thought it would make a beautiful Valentine's wall hanging. But then I realized you could use any color and make it an "everyday" wall hanging. As a Christmas quilt, I really like the 1st quilt in the 3rd row. Then again, maybe I'll just design my own.

There are so many talented quilters in blogland, aren't there?

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!


  1. good idea! I have tried in the past to bring sewing with me to doctor appointments but whenever I remember to do that they call me in right away and I am barely waiting 5 minutes - now I will just stick my kindle in my purse instead.

  2. Cute idea for carrying your embroidery!! I love taking embroidery projects to the doctor's office. I won't touch their magazines and I don't like to sit there and read anyway. Another thing I've been doing is hexagons for Bonnie Hunter's hex 'mother ship' as she refers to it sometimes.

    I've cancelled all appointments for next week and I'm just going to stay home, quilt and relax. Hope you have good roads for getting to school.

  3. Great little bag. It's always good to have a portable project.

  4. Love it Vivian, too cute and practical to boot!



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