Friday, February 11, 2011

I Hate Mice!!!!

When Larry is working I often text him instead of calling. If he is busy he can usually quickly text me and say "I'm busy."  Or if he doesn't answer for awhile I know he is busy and he'll answer when he can. 

Text conversation from a few nights ago!!!

Me: Okay. Either me or the mouse has to go. I hope you choose the mouse. It just ran across the bottom shelf of the coffee table. I can't take this.

Larry: I will get new traps tomorrow. Setting a reminder now.

Me:  Gosh, I take it you picked the mouse to go.

Larry: I'm kinda attached to you after all this time.

Me: Awe

One Hour Later

Me: Okay now it was on my shoe. Aaaaaagh!!!! What's the deal? Does it really think I need a pet or company or something. This is RIDICULOUS!!!

Yes, I now have traps set. I sure hope when I get up in the morning, the little fellow is in the trap. 

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!


  1. I am so with you on this one. I don't like those little critters either. My little rat terrior is better than any trap or cat I have seen. She doesn't hurt them she just carries them off to the woods and lets them go.

  2. we only get them once in awhile - I haven't seen one in the house is about 8 years! I think I have every tiny hole or crack in this old house stuffed to the point that they can't squeeze in. Now the with cats outside again they tend to keep them away.

  3. Oh yuck!! We get them too. We had a front porch put in the house about 10 years ago, and when the siding was removed, it mist gave opened a gap. The gap is under the porch, and the is no way to get to it, form either inside or outside the house. It is sooooo gross to find their little leavings in the cupboards, or on the counters. However, so far this winter, there haven't been any, so maybe they've gone somewhere else. Hope you caught the little thing.

  4. My daughter caught one a few months ago but the next day several babies wandered out from behind the refrigerator squeaking for their mama. :) My daughter felt like a murderer! She scooped up the babies and let them go outside where, I assured her, they were promptly eaten by the neighbors cat. She vehemently denied any such thing happening and said that they had each grown up, gotten married and had families of their own - in the yard. blessings, marlene

  5. my feelings exactly ...don't like those little critters at all! One time I had hubby come home from work to rescue me

  6. RIDICULOUS huh? lol

  7. we had a baby mouse, I mean pink baby! somehow get in our house the first year we lived here. I just knew the whole family was in here with us but it was the only one we caught in the trap. Creeped me out, they make me turn into jello when I see them! Great blog and your quilt header pic is BEAUTIFUL. The background of the mountains and snow covered deck are spectacular!!

  8. At the cottage we didn't fill one little, teeny weeny mouse started to nest in the bathroom amongst the toilet paper...yes it was all over the place. I'm with you ewwwwwwwwwwwe!



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