Monday, January 23, 2012

Callling AAA

Do any of you who travel belong to AAA auto club?

Several years ago. Larry had some training to go to in Little Rock (about 2 hours away). He was to stay a week. We decided that it would be more cost effective to pull of 5th wheel rv down and stay in a park than to stay a week in a hotel. We thought!!!!

On the way home from the trip his truck suddenly stopped . He hadn't been on the road for more than 20 minutes or so. So he called his brother-in-law to come pick up the RV and a wrecker to pick up the truck. The owner of the wrecker service is a good friend and recommended that we get enroll in one of the auto clubs. The one he was affiliated with was AAA. He said that with membership towing was free up to a certain distance. The little bill for towing the truck that far was right around $500.

A few summers ago, we decided to take a Spring Break vacation to Gulf Shores and pull the RV. So we enrolled in AAA before we went and added the RV protection plan. Well, thankfully, we didn't need to use it on that trip. When it was time to renew, we decided to keep it, just in case.

Fast forward to today. The phone rings and Larry says, "My truck just died and it will not start back." What to do? My immediate response was call AAA and I will come get you and bring you home to get Craig's truck. So I called work and explained that I would be late (Thank God for student teachers. I have one this semester.) I drove to almost Midway to pick up Larry. AAA said he had to stay there and wait for the tow truck. We really thought they would call our friend from Paris.

So I asked Larry if he could ride with the tow truck and I could go to work. Yes, that would work. So I traveled about a mile down the road and turned onto another road that took me the 3 miles I needed to go to get to Scranton. Isn't it nice to have more than one way to get to work.

I made it to work at my normal time. The truck was towed at no cost. Yippee. Larry was only an hour and a half late for work. ):  And the mechanics haven't had time to figure out what is the problem with the truck. But they did say that after it had cooled down, they started it right up and drove it into the shop.

The worse part is that is was just in the shop last week and cost a fortune to get fixed. Not really a fortune, but a lot to us.

So I guess the question is, for those of you who travel quite frequently. Have you thought about an auto club?

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!


  1. we are enrolled in a motor club and have never had the need to use it so far - knock wood - I would rather keep paying for it than stop and then need it. Because we do travel with the motorhome and the tow vehicle chances are one of the vehicles would be working so we are lucky in that. The club we enrolled in we got through Winnebago when we bought the motorhome and it covers all of our vehicles.
    Our honda is actually covered under another plan that we got when we bought the honda - that plan covered numerous things and towing is one of them.

  2. We have been members of AAA since 1972. My hubby traveled a great deal for a government agency, but I was the one who did the most driving of long distances. We have used it more for issues in town, but they are getting more restrictive on the number of calls. If you have a lemon of a vehicle or a chronic problem, you might get a notice to say that you are limited in future calls for the year. Our car insurance also covers road emergencies, but have found that AAA is faster and well worth the cost.

    1. I never thought to see if my vehicle insurance pays for road emergencies.

  3. We've had AAA for years, and it has come in very handy a lot of times. One thing I was told is that also if you are with a friend and her car has a problem, you can call AAA and they will tow the car. I'm not sure if there is a limit to how many times you can call or not.

  4. We had AAA plus for the truck and trailer and it paid for itself in just one tow! I highly recommend it.

  5. Todd and I have had AAA for years and each year it's paid for itself. From tires to be changed and locking myself out of my car (twice) and discounts at hotels...well worth it!! :)

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