Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Still Undecided

Thank you all for the suggestions for the Double Wedding Ring Border.

There is something about what I have cut out so far that just isn't sitting right with me. I do believe that the bright green is off. My first step is going to be to replace those with a more muted tone and then step back and look again. Then I think I'll cut out the more muted shades in the batiks and see if that will help.

I don't think I want to use the floral fabrics that are in the double wedding rings because I don't think they will look good as leaves and flowers.

I realized that the photo I used showed the green, brown shades of fabric. The other half of the ring is more pink/red tones.  I think these batiks blend better with this part of the rings.

I like the yellow green leaves and the red shaded roses. I wonder if mixing in some roses that have a brown undertone, such as a yellow brown or an orange brown, would help.
I wasn't wanting to purchase any fabric but I may have to take an extra block with me to a quilt shop and see if I can match a little better. After all the hard work, I want it to work just right.

I didn't do any sewing yesterday but my house is looking pretty good. I did re-arrange a little in the sewing room. Now I need to spend some time straightening and getting rid of the junk that I have piled here and there. Maybe after this week, it will transform into a studio.  (I told myself I couldn't call it a studio until it was cleaned, arranged, and uncluttered. I'm not quite there yet.)

Plans for the day
      Finish cleaning the kitchen
      Pick up some more in the sewing room
      Clean patio
      Cut out chain blocks for "Tree Time"

I'm taking a break from the Double Wedding Ring quilt. Larry is working again tomorrow so maybe that will be a goo time to visit the local quilt shop. Local--over 45 minutes away. Too funny, huh!

I also need to pick up a new heater for the hot tub. Maybe it will be in and I can make a round trip. If I go to the quilt shop, I'll only be 20 or so minutes away from the pool and spa place where I'll pick us the heater.

Let's see -- hot tub heater, dryer heating element, new seal for the washing machine. Well, that's three. I hope Murphy goes away now. lol

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting?

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