Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Goals for the Week!

I'm working diligently each evening on the double wedding ring quilt. I now have the center background piece in over half of the blocks.

My goals for the week:
       Wednesday -- finish center pieces
       Thursday --- get half of the quilt blocks sewn together
       Friday -- get the rest of the quilt blocks sewn together
       Saturday -- measure & cut borders needed and start drawing out applique design

Now that I have written it down, maybe I'll be more apt to reach these goals.

I have been watching "Grey's Anatomy" on Netflix as I piece and hand quilt for the last several weeks. I have now caught up on all of the episodes.  So I need something new to occupy my time. (I know I should just turn off the TV, turn on the music, and go with it.) For some reason during the summer I listen to music a lot and during the winter TV. Why? I don't have any ideas.

I'm thinking of catching up on "Bones". Is this a good series? I see there are about 6 seasons of "Monk" That would keep me busy awhile.  There are also 6 season of "Lost". "Law and Order" has 10 or 12 seasons. Do you have any suggestions?

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!


  1. I like all of those suggestions - but Monk would be my first to watch. He's so delightfully odd.

  2. That is a hard one. I do not care for the series Bones - this is because the books the show is based on is totally different and I had read a lot of them before the show came out - the characters are totally different and so to me the show is not worth it. I am reaching the same point - I have basically seen all Law & Orders I think, NCIS (which I love) I have seen almost all there is to see I think, I watched most of Lost while it was running but they lost me with the story line not making sense most of the time and kind of changing where they were going with it at different times.

    I am starting to watch Everyone Loves Raymond :) in the late evening. Hubby will be going back to work soon and working some evenings again so I'm not sure what I will be looking for to watch.

  3. I watched all of Lost when it was on and I keep up with Gray's Anatomy and Private Practice, which is a spin off. Really like it. I love to watch NCIS and Criminal Minds reruns.... Over and over. I just love the characters. But, when I quilt, I listen to books on tape or CD.. I prefer not to have to look up at TV while piecing or quilting, unless I'm doing handwork. Sounds like you have a decision to make... LOL. Glad you are speeding along with the DWR.

  4. I really like Bones, The Closer and Burn Notice. If you like old British sitcoms, As Time Goes By with Judi Dench is pleasant to watch.

    When there is nothing on TV I like to listen to audio books.



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