Saturday, March 12, 2011

Not sure what happened this morning but after I sewed 2 or 3 of the melons for the Double Wedding Ring, I figured it out. So I got a lot accomplished today. In fact, I only need 14 more melons to have enough for the entire quilt.

The inside is only completed on one block and that I know that is the more difficult part. I hope I'll be able to get at least a couple of them completed tomorrow.

We have spring break the week after next. It would be great if I would have all of the blocks finished and sewed together by then so I can work on drawing out the applique flowers for the borders.

We tried to plant a small garden last year, but didn't have very much luck. I think we started too late. So this year, we got an early start. I planted some lettuce plants 2 weeks ago and they were looking so good. Then Larry looked at them a couple of days ago and said something was eating on them. So he fixed the electric fence up to keep out the groundhog. When I looked at the plants on Friday evening, they were picked to the ground. We decided it had to be birds. Sure enough Larry saw a crow after them today.

I planned to pull them up today and plant some more but Walmart was out and the other place that has plants in town was closed today. So hopefully, I'll find some plants in a few days and can start again.

So how was your day?

Happy snipping stitching and quilting.


  1. That is going to be a beautiful quilt!

  2. This quilt is amazing! can't wait to see it finished ;0)

  3. the quilt is coming together nice!

  4. I have some lettuce and bok choy that I got at Lowes last week - so far so good. I don't have much luck at gardens though. I don't work hard enough at it I guess, I am trying again this year.

  5. Are you gonna share what you figured out? Is it some really good method that might convince me to do one of these lovely quilts?



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