Monday, March 14, 2011

Am I weird or what?/Design Wall Monday

On my design wall this morning is my double wedding ring quilt. It is actually a little bit bigger now. I only have 15 more melons to do and  I will begin adding the center pieces. That will be the most difficult part. I have only completed one so far and it took awhile. I figure that about the time I get the last one completed, I'll have it down pat. 

As I browse new blogs, I keep coming across projects that interest me. One new project I am contemplating is "My Tweets", an applique project found on the One Piece At A Time blog. Isn't it just too cute?  I have always enjoyed having umpteen things going at once and I have always liked to try new or different looks.

I'm thinking that the My Tweets quilt will be a great spring/summer throw or wall hanging. (I actually have the perfect wall for it.)

Now, here's my thinking. When I see hand applique on projects, I think it looks formal. When I see machine applique, I thing casual. In machine applique, when I see satin stitching, I think formal. When I see the blanket stitch, I think casual.

This is one pattern that I think would look better hand appliqued. But, I know if I started it that way, I would probably never finish it.

Have you ever thought about applique in this way? Am I weird or what?

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!


  1. I find so many ideas on other quilters blogs that at times I regret looking at so many of them!! I have never tried machine applique and wouldn't have the first idea how to do it - I must practice sometime on a piece - I would do the blanket stitch as I don't have a lot of stitches to choose from on my machine.

  2. I think of fusible applique as casual and turned as finished. I'll probably needle turn my Poinsettia Wreath and will feel comfortable with using it as a bed throw or wall hanging. I'm not a fan of the little threads that escape with fusible applique, but I do use it sometimes.

    Your colorwased DWR is lovely.

  3. I don't think that is weird at all. And I think I agree with you. Blanket stitch was often used over raw edges, so it was a more casual, less time intense way of doing the applique. If you think at all of doing it be hand, give Erin's instructions on how to use the starch and press instructions a look. It is the most time efficient method I have found. No freezer paper pieces to cut, and then remove. And the edges are a lot crisper than needle turn.



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