Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wonderful Visit with a New Friend

I had the pleasure of meeting Pat of Bird's Nest on the Ground yesterday afternoon. She has a lovely studio which she showed us here.  Everything was so neat and she seems to have a place for everything. (I actually took my camera along and never got it out. Too busy talking.)

We visited for quite awhile and I asked her questions after question after question about her quilts, how she appliques, about her bead work. And the list goes on.

She took me in to see her "quilt closet".  And. . .

I was dazzled by her quilts. She does a lot of applique quilts but in a variety of different styles. One can see that she draws ideas from her quilts from a variety of sources. . . TV shows, such as "Little House on the Prairie", children's books, memories of friends, life in general. My favorite was an exquisite embellished "crazy quilt" that I could have looked at all day. I hope she will post about it one day. (Then I can have another look at it.)

I was especially fascinated by the "writing on quilts" that she does and the fabulous labels she puts on the back of all of her quilts.

Pat graced me with a lovely gift.

Inside the little packet was . . .

some trinkets I plan to use on a mini "crazy quilt" 

and a wonderful book she made -- "Writing on Fabric".  I can't wait to sit down and read it in its entirety.

As I thumbed through it, this quote caught my eye. (I love to sing, but it isn't pretty.)

I hope to be able to visit with Pat again sometime. It is so great that with email so many of us can keep in touch.

Pat, thank you for being such a great hostess and for showing me how "writing on fabric" can enhance a quilt and how very important labels are to a quilt. You are an inspiration to me.

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful visit with a wonderful lady! Love that studio, all that space!

  2. Vivian, I, too, enjoyed your visit yesterday. It was my great pleasure to show you around. Last night I thought of a hundred things I could have shown you or talked to you about...well, maybe some other time. I appreciate your kind words in this post and hope you enjoy the little bits I gave you in good health...have FUN on your journey. pat

  3. I have checked Pat's blog off and on and I am amazed by her hand work. That studio - wow would I like to have that!

  4. What a fun visit you had! I love the quote; it fits my heart perfectly! Crazy quilts keep popping up into my world. I have wanted to try one for so long; perhaps it's time! :)

  5. Oh Vivian, Pat is a dear friend of mine and I so know you enjoyed every minute with her! She is such a joy to be around!! A bundle of inspiration ;0)



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