Friday, July 2, 2010

Cleaning, Quilting, and a Movie?

Well, I did make a little progress on one of my baby quilts today. I got the "Addyson Nicole" quilt sandwiched and ready to quilt tomorrow.

And I sketched out a quilting design. I'll see if I still like it in the morning to see if it's a go.

It looks quilted really close, but I don't think I'll quilt it that close. Even though I made it to be a quilt to use for the baby, I know this mom will use it as a wall hanging and keep sake.

Both of my children have a baby quilt made by my mom that they used, carried around, and slobbered all over. I washed them and washed them and they still have them. Hmmm. I wonder where they are. I think Craig's is in his closet. But, I'm not sure about Kelsey's. I'll have to ask her tomorrow if she has it or if I need to find it for her.

I have family coming Sunday for a 4th of July cookout so I spent part of the day picking up, part of the day working on school stuff, and then made it to the sewing room. But, I felt off kilter all day and decided I wanted to do something.  So . . .

I don't usually go to see movies very often but tonight I splurged and took myself out to see "Eclipse". Larry is working and I know that wouldn't be his choice of movies. So I didn't feel bad about going without him. There is a new Julia Roberts movie coming out, "Eat, Pray, Love". That is definitely a chick flick and I will go see it without Larry or wait for it to be out on DVD or TV.

The other movie trailer showed was "Red" with Bruce Willis. Now that could be a date night movie. It is an action film and Larry would like it.

Talk to you tomorrow . . .

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!


  1. Browsing around I found your blog and I love it. I was completely in love with the quilt in the heather. So I decided to be a follower, to see what you come up with more. Thanks for sharing this with me (and others).

  2. I haven't seen previews for the Bruce Willis movie - I always like his action movies even if sometimes they are dumb! I like action movies.
    Have fun quilting the quilt.

  3. Love the quilting plan! That would look really great on the top.

    We watched "9" last night (Tim Burton). Bizarre!

  4. Love the quilt. Fortunate little girl, for sure. We don't go to movies. DH doesn't particularly like them & I have to stuff my ears because the volume is way too loud. I guess the last movie that I went to was with my niece years ago for Toy Story (original). I enjoy movie watching at home where I can control the volume myself! Hubby will occasionally watch something that has a historical connection like war.



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