Monday, July 26, 2010

Design Wall Monday

Late last night, my daughter came in to my sewing room.

"Hi Mom. What are you working on?"

"Well, I've started something new," I said sheepishly.

A slight grin, and eye roll. And she was gone.

I know, I know. I didn't (don't) need to start anything new until I finish the 5 or 6 things I already have started. But, I just couldn't help it.

See, aren't these blocks adorable. Check it out--the background fabric has little snowflakes on it.

You see, as the year goes on, I bookmark web pages and put then in a folder called "Christmas Projects". For some reason, late yesterday afternoon, I started browsing through this file. (Not a good idea when I'm wanting to complete projects already started.)

And, I came upon this website.  Molly's Place   I remember bookmarking the page when Molly first announced the block of the month and then I forgot all about it. She is currently designing block 8 so I was only 7 blocks behind. But, these are so cute and fast and fun that I sat down and completed 4 of them last night. (The buttons aren't sewn on yet.) Molly is doing all of her embroidery by hand but I am using the machine. That is what is making it go quickly for me.

I'm not sure what she has in mind for putting the blocks together but my mind is spinning and thinking ahead. What would you do?

Stop by Judy L's blog "Patchwork Times" to see what other quilty friends are working on. Who knows, you might get an idea or two of if you're like me a dozen.

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting.


  1. I love your tree blocks and that you did them by machine. I should have thought of that! lol

  2. Isn't that the cutest?? Of course in the heat of July/Aug I think Christmas too. I love those blocks. I think just joining them together with a great Christmas border would be great. Or alternate with a snowball block?

  3. I don't blame you for caving into a new project, these are adorable!

  4. what wonderful blocks. And so different from all the other things I see for Christmas!

    glen in louisiana (or just g this morning)

  5. I KNEW I'd seen this before. I adore Christmas trees and I often wondered where I saw this listed. Thanks for sharing, Vivian. Love them.

  6. Oh man! I don't have time for another project but gosh, those are cute! I can feel myself wandering over there just to save the designs. Isn't it fun to play with your fancy stitches!

  7. that's going to be a great Christmas quilt and I find I'd rather start a BOM late and catch up. I'm not good at waiting for one a month. (doesn't that sound like a reasonable excuse?-hehe)

  8. I get that same reaction when I tell my girls I am starting on something new....then they tease me about my fabric stash. :)

  9. Cute! I am switching back to hand piecing on the road. The quilt that I brought along to hand quilt proved to be a little too big to work easily in this small space in its hoop. It will wait until we get home. I still have plenty of hand work for this trip.

  10. You sound like me! First, Christmas in July? SURE, why not! and second, a new project that catches your eye is always more fun than one you've been laboring over (even though IT was once the shiny new project).

    You GO girl!!

  11. Owo just so cute.
    And... YES! Your blocks are adorable
    I'll check this BOM.
    Happy stitching. Hugs from Brazil

  12. THey are so cute. Thanks for sharing... I like the fact that you are doing them by machine.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  13. How fun that you are working on Christmas is July as well! I saw this BOM and saved them off in my someday folder. I hadn't thought of doing them by machine though, that would make them go so much faster, but still just as cute as the original. I'll have to remember that.

  14. They sure are cute blocks! No wonder you couldn't resist. Have to go and check the website.... or maybe I shouldn't....

  15. Your blocks are awesome! I have a few started but always seem to get inspired me to get back to them!

  16. Oh I may have to try some of these, how cute!

  17. Oh these are so great!! Good for you starting early!

  18. those are soooooooooo cute!!!! Absolutely precious! Makes me want to head into my quilting lab and start my own! (despited the MANY projects and the one I just STARTED Sunday)

    Love it!



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