Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A LIttle Work and A Little Play

I have a "Lit Lab Workshop" (teaching reading to kids) in Searcy on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of this week. Usually a friend that is enrolled in the class goes with me. This time she is on vacation and will be going at the end of the month. I can't go then because of a doctor's appointment.

So, I asked Larry if he would take a couple of vacation days and pull the 5th wheel to Search and I wouldn't have to get a hotel room.

So yesterday, I am shopped for food and piddled in the rv. I always clean it very well before we pack up to come home. So . . . when I get home from a trip I don't have to do anything and before we get ready to leave again, I usually only have to sweep up the dead bugs that somehow accumulate there.

Ready to travel. We took out the bench buffet seat and purchased a small table with 2 folding ends. So we lay it down to travel and it doesn't budge since it is on the carpet. We also took out the small hide a bed sofa and put in two chairs and Ottomans from Big Lots. Much more comfy for my husband and I.

We will be in Searcy from Tuesday to Friday and then in Mountain Home from Friday to Monday. We don't have a lot planned in Mountain Home. Just going to go with the flow and see what is happening there. I do know there are 2 of 3 quilt shops in the area and I will be visiting them.

Now to make sure I have a little sewing to do while I am gone. 

Updates to follow.

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!


  1. if we had kept our 5th wheel we would have had to change furniture out as well. What was in it was not comfortable. This motor home is more comfortable but not perfect in the chairs. We spend a lot of time outside though so that makes it better.
    Have a good time. Have you checked out Marshall's Dry Goods in Batesville I think is where it is at? They are on line, do not know how close that is to Searcy.

  2. Vivian,

    That sounds fun.

    Thanks for sharing with me your experience with black in quilts. You have certainly used it beautifully in your quilts. You would love my quilting teacher!

  3. I'd rather stay in the RV anyday than a hotel! The first thing we did was get rid of the sleeper sofa in ours, along with the chairs. We bought two really nice Flexsteel recliners for the bay window, but didn't put anything where the sofa was... well not anything for us! We keep two dog cots there for our babies :) Everyone's happy!



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