Thursday, July 8, 2010

RV Parks -- Definitely not my "Cup of Tea"

We love to stay at State Parks or Corp of Engineer parks when we take the 5th wheel out.  But, when looking for a place to stay in Searcy, our choices were limited. I wanted to be close to town and Harding College because I didn't want to have to drive very far to and from my workshops.

So we are staying at the Whitney Lane RV Park (only one of two to choose from). It is wall-to-wall rv's. A few shade trees but not really big enough to help. Of course, we are staying cool in the RV and it's really too hot to sit outside anyway. Although I was able to take a short walk last night and it really was pleasant outside at 8 p.m.

We will be moving on to Mountain Home on Friday afternoon. I think the place we are staying is more like a state park and hope we will have room to move around between RV's, and shade, so we can enjoy the outdoors.

I did have time to go visit with Pat of Birds Nest on the Ground at her home and lovely sewing studio yesterday afternoon. I can't wait to sit down and share the visit with all of you. Thanks, Pat. I had a lovely visit and you are truly a talented, creative quilter and designer. 

Hi Craig, Kelsey, Becca, and Ismael. I sure do miss you guys.

On my way to workshops again today.  Talk to you later.

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!


  1. I have seen Pat's blog but didn't remember where she lived. Sorry it is so hot-it was supposed to get into the 50's last night and we were disappointed when we got up that it was only 62!

  2. Ugh RV parks, I agree. My only problem with the State and Corps parks are that we usually can't fit into them :(

    Enjoy your workshops!

  3. we miss you too mom :)



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