Saturday, July 24, 2010

Friday Night Sew In Update

Yesterday, I told you that I was ready to sit down and sew. I was home alone and had no one to interrupt me except myself. Wrong.

I had just sat down to begin working and my phone rang. It was Kelsey. I knew something was up because she was using her boyfriend's phone. Well, she (with help from her boyfriend) locked her keys in her car. At least she was at her home. I had to go find the extra key we keep and drive about an hour (really only 4 or 5 miles) to take her the key.  I teased her that I had just blogged that there was no one around to interrupt me. She thought that was funny.

I had planned to piece the back for my boy baby quilt (I really do need to finish it this next week). But, I didn't have enough of the fabric I wanted to use even when piecing two or three colors. So, I am going to get something else to use. That will be on hold for a couple of days.

The next project I needed to work on was the recovering of the cushions for the rocker I purchased for my classroom. Here is what it looked like. "Isn't It Lovely?" This is one of those purchases where Craig looked at me and said "WHY". (I only paid $30 for it, which according to Craig was $30 too much.

Here it is now. Nice and cheery, just what a 3rd grade classroom needs. Wouldn't you have loved to be able to sit down and read in this rocking chair when you were in elem school?

I have been trying to decide whether to sand it a little and add a few coats of varnish or to paint it white. I think I have definitely decided to paint it white. I already have a white chair in my classroom. The seat is currently covered in ocean animal print (which was my theme last year). So,  I am going to recover it with this same plaid fabric.

My second project was making a slip cover for this mushroom chair.

I actually had two of them given to me to use in the classroom. They both are stained and have small holes in them. I do not have enough plaid fabric to cover both of them, so one will be plaid and one will be royal blue.

I actually used two layers of fabric to make it stronger. I now need to make a casing and insert some kind of string. I'll just have to pull it tight and then loosen it and remove the covers when they need washed. A little bit wrinkly but should look right when I get it gathered and tied.

Hopefully, I'll finish these two little projects tomorrow or Sunday and then get back in "quilting mode". It's about time to start thinking about Christmas (quilt) gifts.

Hop on over to Hand Made by Heide to see what everyone else accomplished on our Friday Night Sew In.

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!


  1. Nicely done! My DD teaches third grade, too. We've been busy making chair back covers for her classroom! :)

  2. Great progress on your FNSI - even with the key rescue. I love what you did with the rocker. $30 bucks for a rocker is great.

  3. I LOVE the $30 chair! White definitely, it's fantastic!

  4. Great covers on those chairs - anything 'rainbowy' is always a hit!

  5. Hi, Vivian! I LOVE your chairs! What lucky students you have :))) Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog... I am following yours now - what beautiful quilts!

  6. OMG.. I am in love with that chair! That was $30 well spent if you ask me. And I think it will look even better white.

    I am planning to make a slip cover for a chair just like the round one you did. My son found one at a garage sale that he loves, but it's a girly color. I love yours.

  7. Your plan to paint the chair white is the perfect final touch to your recovering project. Sometimes husband just don't understand these things! This summer I've been on the lookout for a little chair to "love-up" too. Keeping my fingers crossed. Your plaid fabric is so cheery and pretty, perfect for the classroom. Well done!



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