Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Slow Progress

Well, I have finally made some progress.

I text Larry today and said, "Alleluia, I have just finished my last science and social studies units." Rough drafts that will need adjusted as I teach, but that will be pretty simple as the year goes by. What a relief. Now, I can forget about school stuff until next Monday. Nope--workshop on Friday.

I finished my 7th "Tree" block so I am all caught up.

I have both of my chair covers made. The second one is royal blue. I took a picture but it looks like a slate blue. Not sure what happened to the color in the picture so I didn't post it. Too late at night to even think about going to take another picture.

I also finished the "Kollyn" quilt. I added a little more quilting since I took this picture.

Now, I have three baby quilts to deliver. I haven't seen the oldest since March so I know he's grown. I haven't been introduced to the other two, yet. So, I think Larry and I will just call the parents and schedule a short visit at each house so we can get our "baby fix".

Larry spray painted the rocking chair white so I'll need to post a picture of it. Doctor's appointment in Little Rock tomorrow. That trip will take up the whole day. Workshop on Friday at school. Busy, busy, busy.

Goals for this weekend are to add some quilting to a Christmas quilt I made last fall.  Sandwich my "Ohio Stars and Rail Quilt" and start quilting it. Oh, I still have to piece a backing for it.

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting.


  1. Your tree block is adorable, Vivian!

    That baby quilt is darling... that green looks so refreshing!

  2. Love them both, you do great baby quilts Vivian!

    How long does it take you to get to Little Rock?



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