Friday, March 26, 2010

What have I accomplished today?

I spent the biggest part of the day making curtains for my living room. They are just straight panels but really brighten up the room. I had burgundy panels before. With the dark brown walls and no overhead lighting, it was very dark in the room. A lack of overhead lighting and dark walls is the reason I cannot get good pictures in this room. The white glare by the flowered curtains are actually sheer white panels. I have shades behind the sheer panels that I pull down to block the sun on bright days. I made 9 panels and I am glad they are finished and hung.

Remember the cute little bag I made for my Kindle.

Well I added a pouch on the inside to hold my power cord and ear phones. Keeps everything handy.

Now I am working on a baby quilt for Larry's nephew and his wife. When we have babies born in the family, I make them a personalized quilt. So I have this one cut out and on my wall, but I am not going to sew all of it together until I get the birth information from the mother and finish the embroidering. (Not good enough yet to take the chance of making a mistake after it is all sewn together.)

This is actually only the inside block. I have three borders to add to it. Maybe I'll have another picture tomorrow.

Well, that's my accomplishments for the day.

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!


  1. You've had a very busy day! Congratulations on all your wonderful accomplishments. I really love the curtain fabric.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  2. Wow you have been busy! Love the curtain fabric, very Spring like!
    Your Kindle cover is really cute too, but I love the layout of the baby quilt!

  3. Beautiful curtains, very cheerful. I know I must be thick. I thought you just read your kindle...didnt realise you could listen to them too. I have all my books on my Ipod. Your Kindle case is very inventive...and very cheery also.Great days work.

  4. Hi Vivian,

    Love the curtain fabric!

    I read your question to Joan about where to buy the silk threads. You might try -- be sure to select the YLI Silk 100. They have Silk 100 and Silk 50. You want the Silk 100 for free-motion quilting.



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