Thursday, March 25, 2010

ABC's of Me

I'm off to Fort Smith for a lesson on my embroidery machine. 

Several of you have posted about yourself and I think it is so fun to learn about others.

So here's . . .

The ABC’s of ME…………….

A. Age: 48 for a few more weeks

B. Bed size: King… My husband and I joke that we can go all night without touching but neither one of us can sleep well in a full bed.

C. Chore you hate: Dusting and vacuuming -- allergic to dust mites and have fits when I do either

D. Dogs’ Names: None right now

E. Essential food item: Bread…  if I make bread I can eat a whole loaf in a day or two

F. Favorite color: Red,  Black, Orange and . . . on and on

G. Gold or Silver: Depends on the colors I am wearing

H. Height: 5’3"

I. I am: hyper --I have to be doing 2 things at once always. Except reading.

J. Job: Teacher

K. Kids: Craig, Kelsey and their sweeties

L. Living Arrangements: Paris, AR halfway in between Fort Smith and Little Rock--15 miles from Mt. Magazine--the highest point in Arkansas

M. M is for money -- something I need more of so I can feed my quilting habit

N. Nickname: Viv

O. Overnight hospital stay(s): Just having my kids!

P. Pet peeve: Whiners

Q. Quote from a movie: Rhett Butler --" Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn."

Right or Left handed: Write with the left hand, bat right handed, catch right handed, everything else--either

S. Siblings: 5 brothers 3 sister -- 9 of us in all

T. Time you wake up: 5 or 5:30 with the alarm -- may sleep in until 6 without it.

U. Unique thing about your car: Another big one. An excursion. The biggest SUV made. Everyone laughs at me because I am so small with such a big vehicle.

V. Vegetable you hate: Must be collard greens because I can't stand to smell them being cooked or sauerkraut

W. Ways you run late: I’m never late.

X. X-rays you’ve had:  chest for bronchitis

Y. Yummy food you make: Fajitas!

Z. Zoo animal favorite: Giraffes or Zebras -- they're just so different

And now - will YOU share your ABC’s?


  1. I might have to look this list over and see what I come up with later today - nice to know more about you!

  2. Oh my gosh Vivian, I dont quite know if I should LOL...I'll start with
    A - 71 years young...going on 49 - I wish
    B - same as you..
    C - I would have to agree to your chores - I would much rather be quilting
    D - Sophie..toy She is really Andrea's)
    E Eggs ...though still waiting for DH to finish the Chook yard ( he is a perfectionist.)
    F - frustrated with my quilting at present...have changed my mind on too many designs today and the silk thread wont tension properly!!! - on either machine.
    G - going of to sleep soon to dream of the designs I hope to do
    H - Have a lovely day - Oh and I am 5'7" tall.
    Thats it from me.
    Enjoy your embroidery class

  3. But don't hyper people get alot accomplished?

    So that's a good thing.

  4. Vivian, are there good quilt shops in Fort Smith? You've probably told me already, but my mind closely resembles a cheese grater these days.

    These are fun to read... apparently some of us (self included) are stubbornly clinging to our are overlarge vehicles, hehehe.

  5. Enjoyable way to get to know you better.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN



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