Monday, March 22, 2010

What Gives?

What have I done? Why do my borders look wonky?


  1. my borders do that sometimes too and I have been told that they are not measured right. I had added a border onto a baby quilt that I did awhile ago and have not quilted it yet and when I laid it out is wasn't flat at all and now I have to take two borders off and figure measurements again.

  2. Who did the beautiful quilting? Wow - I love it! Do you do your own, Vivian? It's gorgeous.

    I wonder if washing your quilt will "unwonk" it?

  3. Vivian, have you washed the quilt since it has been finished...sometimes you can block the quilt and sort out the edges when you lay it out flat...and then leave it to dry that way.

  4. Yes just block it Vivian. Do you have a big piece of thick styrofoam (the pink or blue kind)? Wash the quilt, use a laser square if you've got one, and pin the quilt square, let dry.

    Sometime, my top will be perfect, but when I bind it it gets wavy like that, so it wasn't the borders. I think occasionally either I stretch the binding (although I could swear I don't!) or it shrinks differently than the quilt when I wash it.



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