Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Thanks for the Comments

Thank you guys for the suggestions on my quilt. I haven't washed it yet but I will try blocking it.

Cindy, I do my own quilting and am really going out on a limb and trying new things. My inspiration is Wendy Sheppard at Ivory Spring. She does all of her quilting on a domestic sewing machine. Bernina, I think. But she does absolutely beautiful work.

I took a chance and ordered a Janome 1600P DB from the internet about a year ago. (It has a 9 inch throat.) It was a really good deal so I wasn't too worried about the fact that I may have to have work done on it. (Thankfully, it is great and I have had no problems.)  My husband made me a quilting frame like this.  I have quilted one king size quilt from it and was frustrated because my quilting space was only about 4 inches.

So, I have been doing stitch in the ditch mostly not using the frame and my embroidery Janome. I plan to use my machine and frame more this summer when I have time to work with it.  I do wish I had a stitch regulator.

I love being on Spring Break and can't wait for the summer when I can laze around all day almost everyday. This will really be the first summer I have ever had off. (I usually have to work part of the summer and  then have workshops on top of that.) I am not scheduling whole lot of workshops this summer, so I hope to have a lot of free time. Yipee. I'd love to be able to get together with some of you Arkansas bloggers.

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting.


  1. Oooh, an Arkansas blogger get together? Count me in, that would be a blast! (Am I invited if I still consider myself a Missourian though?) lol

  2. getting together would be great if we can all arrange out schedules! I'll be gone July & August.

  3. SOooo wish I could get together too...but I really am a bit too far away.



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