Monday, March 15, 2010

Design Wall Monday

Here is what is on my design wall right now. It is actually a panel that I saw and just loved the colors.

I have it hanging on the wall so that I can decide how I want to finish it.

I really want to put a pieced border on it. So I think I'll cut the borders off after the first narrow gold border and add about a 5 inch pieced border. I'm thinking something with curved lines.

Do any of you have any ideas for this wall hanging?

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting.


  1. Vivian do you have EQ? If so, import a picture of it in, and play around with border treatments. I can't ever think of them on my own, LOL

  2. I love it! Especially the cardinals. I've never worked with a panel before; how will you quilt it? I'll be very interested in seeing this project progress! :)

  3. What a really cute panel, they sure are making nicer ones these days.

    kathie L.

  4. goodness that is a beautiful panel, can see why you were drawn to it

  5. Like that panel. I also LOVE your blog picture. The yellow is striking against the gray skies, and "dullness" of the day. And of course I love the quilt. That picture just really struck me, nice job!

  6. I see a border made up of square in square blocks, to pick up the on point shape in the centre of the panel. Do you have any other fruit fabric, or bird fabric to put in the centre of the square in square block? It is a very pretty panel.

  7. The panel is gorgeous! I haven't a suggestion for borders, but look forward to seeing what you come up with!

  8. I Have that panel!!! I love it but like you am having trouble deciding what to do with it. When you decide could you email me? I could really use the inspiration.

    Deb in OK

  9. I think it would be pretty in a picture frame.Its so pretty.Trish



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