Saturday, March 20, 2010

Great Day for Sewing

The morning started off pretty clear and fair temperatures but snow was in the forecast. It started raining around noon and has rained or drizzled all afternoon.

It's a great day for sewing. I read on some other blogs that it is National Quilting Day. I guess the weather cooperated. I am working on a new spring table topper for my kitchen table. Right now I have the sunflower wall hanging (that I'm planning to hang in my bathroom) on it.

I am starting out with a 9 inch square center embroidered with spring flowers.

Then I am adding several rows of 3 inch squares with some embroidered blocks thrown in. Three or four borders and I'll have my table topper. If I wasn't using embroidered squares, I could probably have it all pieced by now. But, it takes awhile to choose and make the embroidered blocks even using an embroidery machine.

So in between setting up the embroidery machine, I am starting a quilt for Craig's girlfriend, Becca. I had her choose a pattern from Judy Laquidara's new book, Weekend Quilts. I am using scraps so I am just cutting out one block at a time. It will probably take me forever this way, but I am enjoying it so it doesn't matter. Here are a couple of the blocks I have finished. This pattern is Cotton Candy Squares.

Larry is sick with a bad sinus/upper respiratory infection so he is glad I am downstairs in the sewing room instead of upstairs making noises. The kids are both gone so everything is quiet.

I'm taking a break making a salad, soup, and cheese biscuits for supper. It's starting to smell pretty good around here.

I'm interested to see what the day tomorrow will bring. Will we wake up to the white stuff on the ground?

Happy snipping, stitching, and sewing!


  1. Like your nnew table topper Vivian, I wish we had snow here...We are actually in for an electrical storm tonight...I love it when it storms...

  2. Oh, I can't wait to see the table topper. I need a new one for my table as well. Love Judy's new book, I'll have to go look up and see which quilt you're making!

    No snow here. But our apricot trees have blossoms on them, dang it!

  3. Love the candy cotton squares *and* your embroidery! Sorry your hubby is feeling poorly. I'm anxious to hear if you got snow! We had a beautiful day yesterday, but rain is fore casted all day for today! A good day for indoor activities. :)



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