Monday, July 9, 2012

A Letter to My Daughter-in-Law

Dear Becca,

I am so excited to see you making your first quilt. There will be days when you think what you sewed will never line up correctly. 

But it does. 

Then you start laying out the blocks,  in the color combination you picked out and say, "What was I thinking?" Oh, my. That will never work.

But the farther you get you realize that it will indeed work.

They'll be days when you realize you set the machine to the wrong settings and your blocks do not come out the same size.

And you'll need to cut them down (if it is a single piece of fabric) or redo some. Yuck.

Then you'll look and your points didn't line up exactly straight. Or you have to stretch the fabric to make it fit. You may decide to take it out and try again and after several times, they still don't line up.

And you think you need to throw away that block and start again. But then you trim it and press it, and it is going to work okay.

Because we are quilting for ourselves and not for perfection.

And, in the big scheme of things, are you really going to be able to pick that out in a finished quilt?

No, you won't.  And you are right, it gives the quilt personality.

Love ya!!!!

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!

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