Friday, July 6, 2012

Another finish

That makes it sound like I am really busy. Actually this wall hanging was pieced and quilted last fall.  I even went so far as to square it up. All I needed to do was add the binding. The piece of binding was even laying in the middle of the wallhanging. Wonder why I put it down and didn't finish it?

Even though summer has just begun, it looks like fall outside with all of the dead grass. Does anyone else in Arkansas have trees dying? It's so sad.

Yesterday, three other teachers and I, traveled to a teacher's co-op warehouse. What is that?  The state of Arkansas is divided into co-ops and each co-op has a an office that is responsible for providing teacher training. The schools must pay to be members of the co-op, which makes most of the workshops they offer free for the teachers.

Luckily, the co-op our school belongs to is only about 10 or so miles from my house. So, taking classes during the summer is easy. The co-op we went to yesterday is in the small town of Plummerville,  about an hour and a half away. This co-op has a large warehouse that has all kinds of office supplies that teacher's need in schools. The prices of some things are very good. Some items are items not readily found in nearby stores.

Teachers are able to have the co-op invoice their schools so we don't have to worry about paying and then being reimbursed. Anyway, the only downfall to this teacher's warehouse is "no air conditioning". And, oh my, it was hot. We were probably there about 2 hours and then ate lunch and returned home. The heat must have zapped all of my energy because withing about 15 minutes of sitting down when I got home, I feel asleep.

So today, hopefully, I can get some of the housework completed that I didn't get finished yesterday. I also hope to get the "star quilt along" quilt sandwiched and put on the hand quilting frame.

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting!

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  1. no A/C wow, yes you need it now. I am glad the news is saying we will be having a break. Yesterday our water company said no more outside watering - I don't know if I will loose trees or now surely some of these are just going dormant that are turning brown as the roots must go deep, but some I bet will die - we will have to wait for spring to see.
    cute quilt!



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