Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Lot Going On -- Little Progress

Once again, I really planned to sew most of the day Saturday but never did get there. I started the day re-making up the kids room. Fresh sheets ready for the next guests we have.

I have decided I want to decorate Kelsey's room shabby/romantic so I have been searching for quilt patterns and fabric. But I cannot decide on a color theme. One day I think blue and white. Another day I think yellow and blue. Then I think shades of pink and browns in floral.

Today, I remembered that when we purchased this house, the previous owners left white frilly curtains in a couple of the rooms. I used some of them in my bathroom when we remodeled it and put in the claw foot tub.

But as I looked, I found four other white curtains that I instantly knew were exactly what I wanted for the bedroom. I put them up and then added a few other touches to the room.

Now I only need to clean the desk area and add a few decor items. And a mattress for the bed. lol

Saturday evening I finally set up a station in the living room in front of the fireplace. Our weather is changing and I think that is where I may be parked for the next two or three days. I was watching movies as I cut applique for the Tiger Lily quilt so I was only able to get four more sections (that will make one block) ready to machine applique.

If we have a snow day tomorrow, I'll get a few more blocks ready to applique. But, I really need to do some housework.

How was your weekend?

Happy snipping, stitching, and quilting.


  1. I bet you get a snow day from school - they will start closing schools first thing in the morning I bet! you know how it is around here - the snow flurries come and all stay home :)
    We did have a couple cold nights didn't we - should be back to normal on Tuesday though.

  2. Oh, nice and productive weekend! I hope you all get some snow and you have the opportunity to play with your applique tomorrow! :)



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