Monday, February 6, 2012

Back in the Groove

I had a fairly productive Sunday, yet it was relaxing and not busy, busy, busy.

I worked some more on one of the baby quilts. You will notice this one was born in September. See I told you I was behind.

Now, I only need the three borders and it will be ready to sandwich and quilt.

I also cut out the rest of the squares for this square patch Christmas quilt.

It will have about a 15 inch white strip of applique where the break is in the blocks. I got the idea from a quilt I have seen a lot of on the web. Of course, now that I need it, I cannot find it. But, I'm not totally sure what I will put in the white strip. The original one has stockings and Christmas trees. So I may just do that also.

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  1. Oh my, Vivian -- do you know how many images show up when you google search "Christmas quilt applique"? LOL! I didn't see one like you described, but I did find on by Natalia Bonner which had a strip of applique down the center -- it was kind of cute, though probably not as Christmas-sy as stockings and trees. Maybe you could change it into ornaments and Christmas lights? Have a great day!! :)

  2. Not so far behind. The wedding quilt I did for my son and his bride arrived 15 months late so what's 5 little months between friends and family. I do like the documentation. And for your Christmas quilt, just put anything you like on the white strip. If it makes you smile, it is just the right thing.

  3. What a wonderful baby quilt, you're not too far behind it would be perfect for his first birthday! I think you will get it done sooner though!



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